Collection: Bong Cleaners

Is your bong a little dirty? Whip it back into crystal-clean shape with these bong cleaners. These liquid cleaners are ideal for all materials, from glass to plastic. The fast cleaning action removes every last speck of dirt in the cone piece, downstem, and around the joints.

They're also ideal for cleaning smaller hand pipes, getting them back in a sparkling condition in minutes. Let's face it; there's nothing worse than smoking out of a dirty bowl. Sure, we're all guilty of letting our glass go for too long between cleanings, and most of us realise it's important to our health not to smoke out of a dirty bong.

Bong Cleaners FAQ

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Bacterial build-up inside the chamber can cause a bunch of respiratory issues everyone would rather avoid. Smoking your favourite legal herbs from a fresh, clean bowl allows you to enjoy the best flavour profile in each rip.

We stock a comprehensive range of the best bong cleaning solutions from leading brands to keep your glass clean and ready for use. Our cleaners consist of environmentally-friendly, biodegradable agents that are safe for use in your bong. They leave no residue, ensuring that you're only smoking herb and water and not any trace chemicals that could damage your health.

There's nothing like taking that first rip from a properly cleaned bong. Pick up some of these cleaning agents and keep it clean with Beefy's Bongs Australia. Our cleaning agents work on any glass, from bongs to rigs to pipes.

We stock a massive variety of cleaners from leading brands like Formula 420, Randy’s, Orange Chronic, and many more.

We offer you the best selection of cleaners, from liquid salt cleaners; to deep soaking agents and alcohol washes. Soak your pipe or bong and remove every last speck of dirt from the bowl, percolator, and hard-to-reach spots around your glass.