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Bong Bath Cleaner 250ml

Bong Bath Cleaner 250ml

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Bong Bath Cleaner 250ml


 Bong Bath is a great cleaning product for different types of bongs including glass, silicone, metal, plastic, and ceramic. It eliminates black resin and make your bong clean with a fresh smell.

How to use Bong Bath Cleaner
Add one full-cap Bong Bath into your dirty bong water. Cover the mouthpiece and the stem and then slightly shake your bong around to get the liquid all over it. Allow the bong to sit for several minutes and clean it with a brush. The residue will fall off and leave your bong clean and shining.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Waterfall
  • Model: Bong Bath
  • Size: 250ml
  • Manufactured: Australia


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Customer Reviews

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Doesn't work

I used more than the recommended amount and left it for much longer than the recommended time and it did absolutely nothing. I repeated the steps and still nothing if anything it put a soapy smell in there. In the end I found that Bosisto's soluble eucalyptus oil did the job in an instant then good old dish soap to get the eucalypt smell out. Over all don't bother with this stuff it's useless