Collection: Metal Stems

Are you looking for a replacement bonza stem for your bong? Look no further our range of bonza aluminium bong stems are designed to fit a range of Australian style bongs including Agung, MWP and Waterfall glass bongs. We have a range of Bonza stems and Bonza stem kits that come in a range of lengths. So if you are looking to replace your old ugly stem or just want a new stem to create your own new beug look no further.

Metal Bonza Stem FAQ

What is a bonza stem?

A bonza stem is a specific style of bong stem that is typically made from anodised aluminium and uses a brass cone piece and a rubber grommet to help seal your bong and stem together. The bonza stem is the most iconic and widely used range of stems amongst the Australian bong category.

How wide is a bonza stem?

Bonza stems have an outside diameter of approximately 16mm and come in a range of different lengths from 8cm all the way up to 18cm.

What is a Bonza stem kit?

The bonza stem kit included all the items you require, you will receive a new anodised aluminium stem along with a new small brass cone piece and a matching rubber grommet.

What are “thin” aluminium stems?

The thin range of aluminium stem are very different to the bonza range of stems, they are approximately 10mm outside diameter and typically take either a slip in or screw in brass cone depending on what adaptor is used on the end of the stem.