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Are you looking at options for a new glass piece? Whether you're buying your first or adding to your collection, something from Grace Glass is always an attractive piece to have on the shelf. Glass pipes, bongs, bubblers, percolators – Grace Glass has a comprehensive range to suit your smoking requirements.

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Whether you're smoking your favourite legal herbs for medicinal or recreational use, there's a grace Glass bong or pipe for any requirement. With more than 300 models in the collection, you're spoiled for choice. We curated our selection of Grace Glass to include the top-selling models from the brand.

Some of the top-rated models from the Grace Glass range include the world-renowned "Art Series" "Dragon Beaker Ice Bong". This pipe comes with a 14-inch beaker design, featuring 7mm borosilicate glass for a durable, impact-resistant design.

You get amazing cloud production for the deepest hits and the full effect of your legal dry herbs. The large beaker base accommodates a full hit, swirling the smoke to cool it through the ice before taking your hit. The result? Huge cloud production a lung-busting hits with every rip. We love the artwork on the bong, making it a unique glass piece to add to your collection.

With design facilities located in Amsterdam, the smoking capital of the world, Grace Glass oversees the entire design and manufacturing process. Grace Glass consistently upgrades and improve on their product range, bringing you the latest technology in glass blowing and bong design.

All bongs and pipes from Grace Glass come with construction featuring durable, resistant borosilicate glass. You get oversized mouthpieces and a range of neck and bowl designs to suit your smoking style.

Grace Glass produce collector's pieces and every serious smoker needs one of these pipes in their glass collection. Check out our range of Grace Glass products and pick out your favourite.

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Grace Glass offers you a range of premium bongs and pieces for smokers who are glass connoisseurs. Grace Glass is a leading manufacturing brand with talented glass blowers and world-class quality assurance in all their pieces.

Grace Glass got its reputation from producing functional, innovative, and creative designs. GG is most known for its beaker bong styles, featuring a robust design with borosilicate glass in a range of different thicknesses. However, Grace has an impressive range of beakers, straight-style, bubble bases, and all the classic bong designs you know and love.

The bong range also features limited-edition models with expensive price tags, innovative percolator setups, ice chambers, and more. You have options for clutch-style Amsterdam bongs, as well as the more popular lift-off bowls. Grace also covers you with various glass accessories in multiple thicknesses, styles, and joints to suit your smoking or dabbing needs.

If you’re looking for a stylish bong for a presentation piece for your coffee table, Grace Glass is a great choice. The ART Series consists of bongs with unique prints on the glass. Some of our favourites are the “Skulls n’ Roses” and “Dragon” models.

The OG Series also has some impressive glassblowing tech, featuring an amazing percolator setup and the eye-catching use of colour. We like the “Recycler” model for its advanced percolator filtration system, but there are plenty of models within the range featuring innovative perc setups.

Grace Glass also brings you a range of downstems and diffuser stems to suit your current setup. Modify your existing bong with a perfectly sized joint and a custom Grace Glass percolator.

The Pearl Series is also a great choice for a classic beaker bong design but with additional functional features. The knurled bumps on the top of the neck give you east grip, and there’s a carb-hole for hitting the bong at different angles.

Check out our range of bongs and glass accessories from Grace Glass.