About Us


About Us

At Beefy’s our vision is to create a world without judgement, one of freedom of choice.

Beefy’s Bongs Australia was opened in 2015 and has continued to stay on top of the market. Our focus is customer satisfaction and we are constantly changing to keep up with this ever changing industry. We are constantly looking to improve our range of products and bring you the newest range of smoke ware the world has to offer.

Why choose to shop at Beefy’s Bongs?

Beefy’s Bongs is a 100% Australian family owned business, so you are not only supporting us you are supporting Australian jobs and local businesses.

We only sell 100% genuine products and this is a verifiable fact!

Our packaging is second to none; we believe we have the best packaging procedure of any online glass bong shop in the world. Breakages during shipping are extremely low, you could count on one hand how many breakages we have had in our seven years of shipping tens of thousands of bongs.

We offer the highest quality control available; each and every glass bong we sell is inspected and tested for air leaks before being shipped. We remove hundreds of bongs out of our inventory every year as they are not up to our stringent quality control procedures.

Expert advice, we have over seven years of industry experience and many more as hobby enthusiasts. All of our staff are trained to a high level of knowledge in regards to the products that we sell.

We offer a loyalty program where you earn “Beefy Tokins” with each order placed and these can be used as store credit towards your future purchases. (Please remember you must be logged in to your account to receive Tokins for orders)

We offer a large range of products sourced from all over the globe, some of the brands that we currently stock are: ROOR, ZOB, Zenit, HVY, Plaisir, Mathematix, Blaze, Black Leaf and many more.

Discreet Shipping, all of our orders are sent without any mentioned of the items inside the parcel or any mention of Beefy’s Bongs.

Who is Beefy?

Beefy is a family name that has been passed down for generations, we are now in the 5th generation. Beefy 3rd was heavily involved in the underground scene of the industry for over 50 years before his passing. The name was chosen to honour our family.