TIGHTVAC Cannabis storage containers

Storage & Stash

If you are looking for something to store or carry your accessories, you have to come to the right place. We stock everything from glass jars, metal tins and smell proof bags. We stock a multitude of great brands from the likes of 420 Science, RAW, Cookies, Skunk Sacks and Tightvac.

Are you taking a road trip with friends? Maybe you’re hopping on a bus ride across provinces? How do you intend on carrying your favourite legal dry herbs and concentrates with you on your journey? Stashing them in the wrong storage container could cause a smell throughout the car, bus, plane, or any mode of transportation where the odour can build.

Weed Smell Proof Bags for sale

You need to ensure that you keep your legal herbs sealed, smell-proof, and away from the prying eyes of people that might want to steal or confiscate your stash. Fortunately, some clever people have already thought of solutions for this problem.

We have a comprehensive range of the best storage solutions to suit your herbs. Whether you need a large storage unit or something compact and discreet, we got you covered with a range of functional products to suit your smell-proofing and transportation requirements.

You have a selection of storage options for your legal dry herbs and concentrates, as well as all your accessories. Take your herbs out on a hike into nature or over to a friend’s house using one of our secure and convenient storage systems.

Camera Lens Stash - Side view.

You’ll find anything you need on our site. We have a bevy of options from stash jars to boxes and silicone. Choose from pop-top containers to safe cans for smell-proofing. We have one of the best selections of storage options for your legal herbs and extracts.

If you’re looking for something to take on public transport, consider the TightVac for complete smell proofing and secure movement to any location. We have something for any situation and any budget, right down to plain plastic baggies, check out our range and see for yourself.

We have options for non-stick stash jars for concentrate, and shatter-resistant, heat-resistant models suitable for handling temperatures up to 450 degrees. Browse our collection and choose the right storage solution for your herbs.