Collection: Pipe Cleaners

Beefy’s Bongs Australia is your number one destination online for pipe cleaners. We’ll help you get your pipe back in tip-top condition with a range of pipe cleaners to suit any hand pipe, diffuser stem, or cone piece. We carry only the best pipe cleaners from top international brands like RAW, ensuring you get a high-quality pipe cleaning experience.


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Choose from a huge range of lengths and diameters to suit your pipe or diffuser. All our pipe cleaners feature soft materials that won’t damage ceramics or glass, ensuring that you get the best results from your cleaning experience. By the time you finish cleaning, your pipe or bong will be looking brand new, and you’ll feel great about loading it up for a hit.

Our pipe cleaners come in a range of lengths and materials. We also have thin, flexible models with steel cores for bending into any position. Check out our range; you’re sure to find the right size pipe cleaner for your application. Our prices are the best in Australia, and we have the widest range available.

Beefy’s Bongs Australia also carries a complete range of cleaning solutions and crystals to enhance your results by removing those tough resin spots on the inside of the pipe or diffuser. Get crafty while cleaning your smoking accessories with these handy pipe cleaner brushes.