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Mathematix Glass are an innovative driving force within the industry, they are always creating new products and fresh ideas. They are renowned for their array of products such as their water pipes, concentrate rigs and hand pipes. Mathematix glass puts their products through very stringent tests including the use of a Polariscope to ensure the integrity and high build quality that the company strives for. All of their products are made in the USA from high quality glass that is either sourced from Europe or directly in the USA. Beefy’s Bongs are an authorized dealer of Mathematix Glass.


Mathematix Glass FAQ

Where are Mathematix glass bongs made?

Mathematix Glass Bongs are made in California, USA.

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Need some new glass? Browse our range of Mathematix glass for your next bong purchase. If you’re burning your favourite legal dry herbs, they deserve the best – and so do you. This Californian-based manufacturer has its glassworks in Los Angeles, the west coast mecca of smoking culture.

This up-and-coming glassworks might have a short track record, but they’re making a name for the brand by producing some of the most impressive glass pieces we’ve ever seen. Mathematix has some creative designs featuring their unique Mathematix glass gumball bong, and we love the Mathematix glass lava lamp bong.

The creativity extends into the addition of percolators designed to provide functional improvements to your smoking experience. The Anchor and Fish percs are amazing. The percs smooth and cool the smoke, so it hits the mouthpiece ice-cold and full of flavour. Mathematix downstems are also a great feature they have added to their lineup with the standard downstem being supplied as a six arm diffused glass stem that adds exceptional amounts of diffusion.

Mathematix uses high-quality, durable, resilient borosilicate glass for all its pipes and bongs. You’ll love the themed designs on offer, with themes covering ranges of bongs, rigs, hand pipes, and pendants.

Mathematix has a reputation for producing some of the most creative hand pipe options. Some of our favourites include the surfboard design, Ice Cream Cone Pendant Hand Pipe, Tangerine Spoon Pipe, Succulent Strawberry Spoon Pipe, and the Pepperoni Pizza Slice themes.

From food themes to hobbies, there’s a vast array of Mathematix pipes to suit your needs. The themed models also make excellent gifts and stocking stuffers for friends around the holidays. They’re affordable, cute, and somewhat indiscreet.

Mathematix fills a demand in the market for high-quality, functional novelty glassware and pipes for your favourite legal dry herbs. They come in various sizes, from compact models that fit on keychains to full-size bongs. Browse our range and pick something out. You’ll find it hard to settle on just one theme of glass product from this outstanding, innovative glass manufacturer.