How to Choose a Herb Grinder Beefy's Bongs Australia.

Need Help Choosing the Best Herb Grinder?

If you require assistance in selecting the most suitable herb grinder for your specific needs, we highly recommend referring to our comprehensive article titled "How to Choose a Herb Grinder" available through the provided link below. Grinders serve as the ideal tool for achieving the desired texture for your legal herbs; however, it is crucial to make the appropriate selection.

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Herb Grinder FAQ

What is an Aluminium Herb Grinder?

Aluminium herb grinders are skilfully made from aluminium and assist in grinding legal herbs to achieve the desired texture, making them perfect for smoking, vaporizing, or creating different items. Generally, these grinders are composed of two or more interconnected parts with sharp teeth that rotate when twisted. The sharp teeth efficiently break down the herb flowers into smaller, uniform pieces, ready for immediate utilisation.

SPLIFF Rasta Aluminium Grinder 50mm - 4 part

Aluminium Herb Grinders

Are you tired of mulling your legal herbs by hand? Getting resin all over your fingers makes the paper or blunt wrap stick to the fingertips, right as you’re trying to get that fold perfect. Cutting up with scissors and a container is also just so 1990s. It’s time to get your herbs the shredding experience they deserve with an aluminium herb grinder. Here at Beefy's we stock a great range of aluminium herb grinders in Australia.

A grinder is a superior way to shred your herbs. The sharp teeth have exact placement in the head and base of the grinder, fluffing up the herbs instead of compressing them.

The result? A blend that’s easy to roll, burning consistently in papers or blunt wraps, the bong or vape device. You get less side-burning in joints and blunts and less need to poke the bowl between rips.

SPLIFF Turquoise Aluminium Grinder 63mm - 4 part detail

Aluminium grinders come in thousands of designs, with different colours, images and varying degrees of utility. Grinders come in single-chamber versions where you grind the herb and transfer it directly to the tray. Other versions come with a collection chamber featuring a screen at the bottom.

The screen filters through the fine pollen, collecting it in a screw-off chamber in the base. Once you have a tray of kief loaded in your grinder, add it to your blunt, joint, or bowl for a different smoking or vaping experience.

Grinders come in different sizes for your mulling needs. If you’re heading over to a friend’s house, take a slimline, compact grinder along with you. It slips in your pocket for easy carry. If you’re at home, get a larger model for bigger blazing sessions.

Typically, the bigger the grinder, the more herb you can fit in the grinding chamber. Bigger grinders also provide a smoother grinding movement, allowing you to cut through more herb faster, with less effort.

Choose the model that suits your smoking or vaping preferences, and never mull with your fingers or scissors again.