Collection: Smell-Proof Storage

We’ve all had the experience of being in a public place with our favourite legal herbs stuffed inside a baggie in our pocket. Whether you’re standing in line for the till at the supermarket or you’re at a restaurant with friends, the smell of your favourite legal herbs will wander from the baggie.

You see, plastic is porous, and those thin baggies you pack your herbs in for carrying won’t contain the smell. So, when people start sniffing the air as they recognise the scent of your herbs, sweat starts to form on your brow.

Smell-Proof Storage FAQ

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Why take the risk of carrying your legal herbs in regular baggies? You need smell-proof storage for your smokables, ensuring that there’s no trace of scent in the air around you. Beefy’s Bongs Australia brings you the best range of smell-proof containers for your legal herbs.

Our range of smell-proof storage options keeps your stash safe and fresh, ensuring only you know that you’re carrying it around with you. We have all the top-shelf brands in stock, with smell-proof storage systems from Skunk, Cookies, RAW, and more.

We stock smell-proof storage containers in different sizes, and you have plenty of options for additional features. Choose from watertight, odour-sealing, and puncture-resistant baggies with double locks and seals. UV-blocking bags to prevent sunlight from getting at your herbs and layered storage options with varying levels of odour protection.

If you’re travelling, we also have options for smell proof containers to hold all your smoking materials. Pack your pipe, grinder, and legal herbs into a single smell-proof container and avoid suspicion on public transport or in crowded venues.

Beefy’s Bongs Australia brings you the most comprehensive range of smell-proof storage, with excellent pricing on all our products. Pick out a storage solution for yourself, or pick something up as a gift for a friend. Browse our range and choose your favourite; you’ll never have to worry about tell-tale odours again.