14mm and 18mm German made EHLE glass cone piece side by side comparison.

What Size Cone Do I Need?

Regrettably, we do not possess the ability to magically read minds, thus we cannot anticipate the size of cone piece you need. However, we have conveniently composed an article that guides you in determining the appropriate size of cone piece for your requirements.

Please use the link below to determine what size products that you require.

The image to the left shows a 14mm male Ehle cone piece next to an 18mm male German made EHLE glass cone piece.

Glass Cone Size Guide

Glass Cones and Bowls FAQ

How big is the hole in a cone piece?

The average hole in a cone piece is 2-4mm with the standard Australian most commonly enjoying a 3-4mm hole as that is similar in size to the traditional brass bonze cone hole size. Most European cones have very large holes that start at around 6-7mm and go up to around 10mm and these glass cones are designed to be used with a screen. American cones / bowls range in size and are turning more towards the smaller sized holes in recent years. We list all of the dimensions on the product page including the hole size of each type of glass cone.

What size glass cones are available?

Glass cones are typically supplied in two common sizes which have a14mm and18mm glass joint. Cone pieces are also available as 10mm, although this is a much rarer size. Here we are referring to the size of the ground joint of the cone that is inserted in to the stem of your bong; we are not discussing the shape or size of the cone where you place your legal herbs.
If you need help determining the correct size products that you require please refer to our "Glass Grinding Sizes Guide" here.

How do you clean a glass cone?

Glass cones can be cleaned the same way as you would clean any glass bong, you can use any number of cleaning solutions such as bong bath or bong master and a small brush or pipe cleaners to help get to those hard to reach places. Alternatively you can use isopropyl alcohol and salt if you prefer that method of cleaning.

What is another name for a cone piece?

A Cone Piece, also known as a cone in Australia has a variety of names across the globe. Americans typically refer to a 'Cone Piece' as a 'Bowl' or 'Glass Bowl' and the Europeans generally refer to a glass cone piece as a 'Head' or 'Heads'.

Collection: Glass Cone Pieces

Whether you are looking for a simple replacement cone piece or a new beautifully crafted piece of glass art Beefy’s Bongs has you covered. We stock a great range of glass cones ranging from the budget conscious with prices starting at under $10 or to the connoisseurs amongst us who prefer a premium European or American made glass cone. We stock a great range of glass cones from many reputable suppliers such as the German made ROOR, Plaisir and Zenit cones. We also have a fantastic range of the absolutely beautiful American made glass art from Empire Glass. We believe in quality control and every cone piece that is sold at Beefy’s is not only checked for quality but also has their hole measured to make sure it is the appropriate size.