Collection: King Palm Wraps

King Palm has developed their handmade all -natural leaf wraps as tobacco-free alternatives due to the need for better options rather than backwoods, joint paper, and blunts. King Palm Wraps are crafted with high quality standards, allowing you to enjoy more natural smoking experience. King Palm pre-rolled cones are made from natural leaves and held together by a biodegradable paper band instead of glue or saliva, which make them burn slowly and smoothly. At the end, you will have thick white solid ash as proving that they are made with well grown clean leaves. It only takes a few minutes to pack your legal herbs by using the biodegradable bamboo stick provided in some of the products.

At Beefy’s Bongs, we provide a range of different sizes and flavours of King Palm Wraps. Choose from our selected high quality King Palm wraps to enhance your smoking experience in a healthier way!