Collection: Pipe Tools

Are you about to sit down to enjoy a session with your favourite glass piece? Beefy's Bongs Australia brings you the best range of smoking pipe cleaning tools in Australia. We have whatever you need to enhance the quality of your next smoking experience.

Smoking Pipe Tools FAQ

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Pipe tools for your bong or dab rig improve the quality of your experience and the longevity of your session. Make the most out of your dry legal herbs and legal extracts with smoking tools designed to customise your next session.

Maintaining your rig or bong seems like a chore. Cleaning out that old resin is always a hassle. Beefy's Bongs Australia brings you smoking tools and accessories to keep your glass sparkling with minimal effort. Remove all the grit and grime from your perc, or clean that bowl with minimal effort.

We spent time selecting only the top-rated smoking pipe tools for our range. We emphasise quality, working with leading brands and manufacturers to bring you a comprehensive range of tools designed to uplift your next pong, pipe, or dabbing session.

We have a large selection of smoking tools in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Check out our multi-tools for a handy device, and remove the need for individual tools and the risk of losing them. The Toker Poker will give you everything you need in one device, with a tamper, poker, and lighter sleeve that's easy to manage and use.

Our range of smoking pipe tools gives you everything you need to manage the periphery of your smoking session. Quit using that old toothpick or skewer stick to clean your bowl, and pick up a convenient tool to improve the experience of cleaning your pipe.

With Beefy's Bongs Australia, you get everything you need under one roof. Browse our selection of tobacco pipe cleaning tools and choose the best options to help you enhance your smoking experience.