Collection: Lighters

At Beefy’s Bongs Australia, you get the best range of lighters available. We have all the top brands, and we specialize in Clipper lighters and accessories. Clipper is the best choice for smokers, and we all love their refillable characteristics and replaceable flints.

We carry a wide selection of Clipper lighters, with various prints on them, and every accessory you need. While we specialise in Clipper, we have several novelty lighters and themed lighters available. Pick up any lighter that takes your fancy and the accessories you need to enjoy your next smoking experience.

Our range of premium lighters and smoking accessories make for fantastic gifts for friends and family. Pick up a Toker Poker for someone’s birthday or a stocking stuffer for Christmas. These handy devices fit Bic lighters, and they give you a selection of handy tools to help you pack your cones.

From basic BIC lighters to the classic brushed Zippo, we have everything you need at Beefy’s Bong’s Australia. We have modern torch-style windproof jet lighters and something to suit any budget. Give your lighter a personal touch and choose a print for your Zippo or Clipper lighter. We also carry the full range of accessories for most lighter brands.