Toker Poker FAQ

what is a Toker Poker?

Well, it’s an all-in-one smoker’s tool that features a poker, a dabber, a tamper, a hemp wick holder, and a lighter that makes rolling, vaping, dabbing, and toking a much easier – and more enjoyable – experience. With an ergonomic design and simple, yet functional features, the Toker Poker is so easy to use. There are so many trends, aesthetically pleasing designs to choose from, too, so you can totally accessorise your tool to suit your style. It’s a Swiss Army Knife for smokers, and at Beefy’s Bongs Australia, you’ll find a wide variety of designs to choose from. Once you go Smoker Poker, you’ll never go back!

When was Toker Poker invented?

2013 was the year that the Toker Poker was invented by Matt Bodenchuk.

Toker Poker Lighter Case

Are you looking for the ultimate multitool to enhance your smoking experience? Let us introduce you to Toker Poker. This handy compact device lets you take complete control over your bowl, nail, or vape pen, giving you multifunctional use for a variety of smoking and vaping-related tasks.

This handy device acts as a sleeve for your lighter, and it's compatible with any BIC lighter you pick up from the supermarket. Just slide the lighter into the Toker Poker sleeve, and you turn it from a simple lighter into a highly functional and useful tool you can take with you anywhere you go.

The Toker Poker is ideal for people that live an active lifestyle. Take the Toker Poker with you to friends’ houses, backyard BBQs, or on vacation. If you're the kind of smoker that loves that couch-lock feeling, then the Toker Poker keeps all the tools you need in one easy-to-find device that sits on your rolling tray.

The new range of Toker Pokers offers you a lighter sleeve featuring design and construction from drop-resistant hemp plastic. The hemp plastic makes the Toker Poker an environmentally friendly and sustainable accessory, reducing your impact on the planet.

You get a soulfully designed sleeve with an ergonomic fit to your hand for use in various hand positions. The tool comes with a lighter sleeve holding the lighter firmly in place and a stainless steel tamper on the end of the sleeve for pressing down the bowl or the tips of your joints after rolling.

The front of the Toker Poker comes with a stainless steel poker that folds into the sleeve for easy storage. The poking tool is great for clearing blocked joints, breaking up the resin in bowls, or cleaning up the nail before reloading.

This compact multitool is a great choice for any smoker, and it makes an excellent gift option. Give it to a friend as a thoughtful stocking stuffer or birthday present.

Collection: Toker Poker

There’s nothing better than packing freshly-ground legal herbs into a bowl, but there’s nothing more frustrating than realising you can’t find a lighter to spark it! If that sounds like an all-too-familiar situation to you, then you’ve come to the right place, because at Beefy’s Bongs Australia, you’ll find the solution to your problem. What is it? Toker Poker, the all-in-one multi-tool that every smoker needs to try!

Toker Poker is a premium manufacturer of all-inclusive smoking tools that came onto the scene in 2013. Toker Poker is the brainchild of Matt and Leslie, two smokers who were fed up with trying to find or keep tabs on all of their smoking accessories, like lighters and paperclips, and they decided to take matters into their own hands and create the perfect remedy. The duo channelled their inner MacGyver, and finagled bobby pins, acrylic paint, and hot glue to create the very first Toker Poker. They soon realised how amazing their creation was and that it really simplified the smoking process, and hence, they decided to start making small batches of Toker Pokers. As soon as the ingenious product was introduced to the market, it flew off the shelves, and now, countless smokers can’t live without it either.