Reducer Glass Stem FAQ

What is a reducer downstem?

Reducer glass bong downstems are equipped with two distinct joint sizes. The larger joint is a male joint, which is inserted into the water pipe. On the other hand, the smaller joint is a female joint, serving as the attachment point for accessories like a cone piece or ash-catcher.

How do you measure a bong stem?

Glass stems lengths are measured from the top of the male glass ground joint to the end of the stem, you can also measure your bong to determine the length and size of the stem that you require and this comes in very handy if you have already broken your stem. You can view our "Downstem Measuring Guidehere. Or if you need to know the size of the ground joints on your waterpipe or stem you can view our "Glass Grinding Sizes Guide" here.

What is a bong Downstem?

Essentially what a bong downstem does is allow the smoke to travel from the point of combustion down in to the water where it will then be able to be filtered and diffused to aid in cooling and smoothing the smoke. Glass downstems do not last forever and should be seen as wear and tear product where they are simply replaced when accidents occur.

What Length Downstem Do I Need?

For assistance in selecting the correct length reducer downstem, we recommend following our informative 'Downstem Measuring Guide' accessible via the link below.

Downstem Measuring Guide

Collection: Reducer Stems

Reducer glass bong downstems have two different sized joints, the larger one is a male joint and this is the part that is inserted in to the water pipe and the other is a smaller female joint and this is where your accessories such as a cone piece or ash-catcher etc. are inserted. The most common size for reducer stems is 18mm to 14mm where the 18mm joint is male and the 14mm joint is female. There are also 29mm to 18mm reducer stems where the 29mm joint is male and the 18mm joint is female, although they are much rarer.