Collection: Cleaning Brushes

Is your bong, pipe, or rig looking like it needs a good cleaning? When the resin build-up starts in the water chamber or the downstem, you know it's time to give it a clean. Leaving your glass or pipe dirty exposes you to nasty bacteria that could end up in your lungs, resulting in an infection. Why take the risk when you can order some of our bong cleaning brushes?

Cleaning Brushes FAQ

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We have bong cleaning brushes available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. Whether you're cleaning a small hand pipe or a three-foot bong, Beefy's Bongs Australia has the best range of cleaning brushes to keep your glass and pipes looking great and performing at their peak.

Our range of glass bong cleaning brushes features non-scratch bristles, ensuring that you don't damage the interior of the pipe or bong. You get only the best cleaning experience, with fast results and a crystal-clear finish that looks like you just bought your bong from our store.

From bong brush sets to flexible bong brushes and tapered brushes for cone pieces, we have everything you need available right now. We also carry a huge range of cleaning solutions and silicone stoppers and cleaning caps for easy and convenient cleaning of your glass and pipes.