Collection: Honeycomb Percolator Bongs

Honeycomb Percs are one of the most widely used percolators in bongs. They have a simplistic design that works well and are sturdier than their delicate counterparts. You have most likely already come across a honeycomb percolator before; they are a round glass disc with many small holes in the disc. They are generally made with one, two or three discs built in to the bong with the majority of the bongs having more than one honeycomb disc. They come in a variety of different colours to suit everyone’s taste.

Honeycomb Percolator Bongs FAQ

What is a Honeycomb Perc?

A honeycomb percolator is a glass disc with many small holes coving the disc and this is where the smoke is forced through the holes and this creates smaller bubbles so the smoke cools down faster and gives you a smoother end result.

What does a honeycomb Bong do?

Honeycomb percolator bongs are designed to break the smoke down into smaller bubbles so the smoke cools down further and gives a smoother experience compared to non-percolator bongs. The smoke is first drawn through the downstem, and then the smoke will be met with the first honeycomb disc and this will be the first stage in cooling the smoke down. Most honeycomb bongs have a fixed downstem also referred to as a stemless design.

Are honeycomb percolators good?

Yes, Honeycomb bongs are an extremely popular design and with good reason. They are reliable and sturdy and produce a great experience. They are very efficient at breaking the smoke down in to very small bubbles all while adding a minimal amount of draw resistance. Just take note that the more percolators that are in the bong means the draw resistance will increase.