Collection: Carb Caps

Carb Caps came in shapes and styles, their primary use is to slow down the airflow available to your quartz banger which will allow you to achieve low temp dabs. Some carb caps have an airflow hole in then giving you more control over the airflow, there are also carb caps that have directional holes and even multi hole vortex shapes which will allow the airflow to spiral in the quartz banger, this also give you the option to use Terp Pearls.

Carb Caps FAQ

Can you use silicone as a carb cap?

We strongly advise against using silicone products as a carb cap.

Do carb caps have holes?

No, not all carb caps have a hole; some are a solid construction without a hole. While other carb caps have an airflow hole, there are many different styles of airflow holes from simple non directional to directional and some even have many directional holes that create a vortex. Please check product descriptions and images to determine if they have a airflow hole or not.

Do you need a carb cap for a banger?

No you do not need a carb cap to use a quartz banger, although we suggest it is best practice to use a cap as this will help with loosing too much of your concentrate. Carb caps help greatly with slowing down the airflow and this allows you to receive the product in a concentrated form.

Do all carb caps and quartz bangers fit together?

No not all carb caps and quartz bangers fit together, please read the product descriptions and details to compare the measurements listed to see if they are compatible with each other.

Will a titanium carb cap fit a quartz banger?

Generally no a titanium carb cap is only designed to fit over titanium nails.