Titanium Nail Universal 10 14 18mm

Choosing the Appropriate Size Dabbing Nail

For assistance in accurately determining the size of Dabbing Nails you need, we suggest referring to our informative 'Glass Grinding Sizes Guide' provided below.


Dabbing Nails & Bangers FAQ

What is better for dab rig nail or banger?

If you prioritise achieving the utmost flavour, we highly recommend opting for a quartz banger as it delivers the purest and most untainted taste compared to other nails and bangers. However, if your main concern is the durability of the nail and taste is not a priority, then we suggest you consider a Titanium Nail or banger instead.

Can you use a dab nail on a regular bong?

Indeed, it is possible to transform a conventional bong into a dab rig by acquiring a nail. Simply having a nail is all that is truly necessary. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to dab from a bong that has been previously utilised for smoking flower. If you wish to do so, it is crucial to thoroughly clean your bong and thereafter solely employ it as a dab rig. When it comes to dab rigs, we consistently recommend opting for smaller rather than larger ones. Therefore, if your intention is to utilize a large bong as a dab rig, we would recommend exploring more suitable alternatives.

Are bangers and nails the same?

The two terms are frequently used interchangeably, which is comprehensible. Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that a banger specifically denotes a dish-shaped attachment, whereas a nail can assume different shapes. Hence, while a banger is always categorised as a nail, not all nails can be identified as bangers.

Collection: Dab Rig Nails & Bangers

Dabbing nails come in many forms; they are made from a variety of materials such as glass, ceramic, quartz and titanium. Nails come in a variety of styles, everything from the standard nail that can be made from any of the above materials and will require a dome/shield. Then there are domeless nails which work without the need for a glass dome, creating n easier to use setup, although domeless nails can be made from any of the materials listed they are generally made from titanium. Quartz bangers are the most popular choice these days due to the superior flavour that they produce and the fact that they are also able to be used without a dome. Carbs caps are generally used with quartz carb cap and this allows you to use the nail at a lower temperature for even better results.