Collection: MWP Bongs

MWP bongs "magic water pipes australia" are known for being great value for money and are able to accommodate all budgets with bongs starting at under $20. MWP bongs come in a range of styles and colours with the most popular variant being the standard bubble shaped water pipe along with the gripper style bong.
MWP gripper bongs are a popular choice as they are easy to hold as your hand conforms to the shape of the bong. The majority of the MWP range has a rubber base and a bonza stem that is sealed with a rubber grommet; some of the range have a full glass base. MWP has wide variety of designs available along with frosted and full print bongs.


What does MWP stand for on bongs?

Magic Water Pipe is what MWP stands for on bongs. MWP have been manufacturing glass bongs for the Australian market for over 20 years. They mainly focus their product range on the typical Australian style of bong that has a rubber base and a shotty / carb hole on the back of the bong.