How to choose the correct size quartz banger Australia

Choosing the Right Size Quartz Banger

To ensure precise sizing of the Quartz Banger, we suggest referring to our detailed 'Glass Grinding Sizes Guide' provided below.


Quartz Bangers FAQ

Why Use a Quartz Banger?

Quartz bangers are the preferred way to consume concentrates due to the fact that they produce a much cleaner flavour compared to a metal concentrate nail. If you're looking for a cleaner and more flavourful way to consume concentrates, quartz bangers are the way to go.

How do you clean a quartz banger?

The best course of action is a preventative routine that will allow your quartz to stay like new. Cleaning the quartz bucket after you have used it can be achieved with an XL cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol. If you have let your quartz banger get burnt (chazzed) and caked on residual concentrates you will need to perform a deep clean, this is usually performed with a long soak in isopropyl alcohol or a specific cleaning solution.

What is a quartz banger?

Quartz bangers are a specific style of concentrate nails and by far the most popular choice worldwide when it comes to choosing a tool to use with your legal concentrates. They are as the name suggests made from quartz and to put it simple are generally a bucket on the end of a narrow tube with a glass joint. Quartz bangers now come in many different varieties from the traditional angled top banger to the newer flat top banger and the newest terp slurper. They come in many different shapes and sizes with the main difference being how thick the quartz is and the shape and style of the bucket.

How does a quartz banger work?

Quartz bangers work by vaporizing the dab (legal concentrates), the quartz is heated to the desired temperature and the concentrate is then added and it will vaporize, the rate at which it vaporizes depends on the temperature of the quartz. There is also the cold start method where you place the concentrate in the quartz banger and then heat the quartz up.

Collection: Quartz Bangers

Quartz bangers are the most popular device for consuming concentrates; they offer a superior flavour over metal nails and can be used without a dome (cover). They are generally used in conjunction with a carb cap so you can achieve lower temp dabs and produce a better end product. Quartz bangers are often used with a carb cap and Terp Pearls to help stir the concentrate so there is no wasted material.  Beefy’s offers one of Australia’s largest ranges of moderately priced quartz bangers and accessories.