Collection: Digital Scales

Digital scales come in many different styles and with many different functions. We stock a large range of digital scales, ranging from desktop to pocket scales from many different specialist brands. We stock a great range of scales that can weigh with many different increments such as 0.1g, 0.01g, 0.001g and 0.05g along with the fact that they can weight in many different weight ranges from oz, g, ozt, dwt and many more. Stocking such great brands as Myco, On Balance and Tanita.


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We have a full range of digital scales, measuring down to thousandths of a gram (milligram). You have options for compact, portable models measuring up to 1000-grams, or larger models for bulk, accommodating up to 3000-grams.

We selected our scales based on user experience and testimonials from verified buyers. Each scale listed on our site comes with a warranty, and high-quality components, with slimline form factors. Some of the leading scale brands listed on our site includes Myco, On Balance, and Tanita.

Choose your scale to your measurement metrics, and select a model with the functionality you need to enhance your purchasing experience. You get plenty of functionality and ease-of-use with touch-button controls and lids featuring functionality as scale trays.