Collection: Silicone Bongs

When was the last time you broke a bong? There’s nothing quite as defeating as hearing the glass shatter into thousands of shards all over the floor. Great, your smoking session is over, and it's time to reach for the papers.

However, with our range of silicone bongs, you never have to worry about breaking glass again. Silicone bongs might seem like a totally different smoking experience to glass. However, you’ll soon find that’s there’s little to no difference between using either material for your bonging session.

Silicone bongs clean easier than glass versions, and they come in a range of amazing colours to suit your style. We also carry a range of hybrid glass and silicone bongs. These pieces let you check on the water level and the cleanliness of the bong. At the same time, you benefit from the durability and shatter-resistance of silicone.

Silicone bongs clean easier than glass versions, and they collect less resin on the sides of the hitting chamber and neck of the bong.

Our range of silicone bongs can withstand high temperatures without melting, distorting or burning, so they’re safe to use with your favourite blow torch. The silicone won’t emit any harmful chemicals in use, no matter how hot it gets. Silicone is a stable and safe material for your bong, and you’ll never have to worry about cracking glass again.

A silicone bong is the perfect travel companion. You don’t even need a case for extra protection. We have bongs in various sizes, from compact models designed for transport to the largest models designed as showpieces for your home.

Take the bong with you to a friend's house and let newbies try it out without worrying about them dropping it on the floor when they get a coughing fit. Choose from models with a classic design or featuring percolator filters and different shapes. From beaker designs to the traditional straight-neck models, we do them all.