A Comprehensive Guide to Rosin Bags

Get an In-Depth Understanding of How Rosin Bags Work and Enhance Your Extraction Process.


Collection: Rosin Bags

A rosin bag functions as a reliable container for storing legal herbal flowers, kief, or bubble hash while they are being pressed between heated plates. By providing a protective barrier, rosin bags facilitate the extraction of rosin from the source material, ensuring a pristine and unadulterated end product.

Rosin Bags FAQ

What are rosin bags?

A rosin bag serves as a vessel for holding legal herb flowers, kief, or bubble extract during the extraction process of being pressed between heated plates. These bags act as a protective barrier, allowing the rosin to separate from the source material and resulting in a pure and impurity-free final product.

How Do You Use a Rosin Bag?

1. The rosin bag arrives flat from the manufacturers, so you'll need to flip it inside out before using it, just like turning a pillowcase. Once you've ground your favorite legal herbs in your grinder, simply add them to the bag.

2. To ensure none of the herb escapes, fold the end of the bag over and place it snugly between folded parchment paper on the rosin press.

3. Gently drop the plates onto the bag and apply the recommended pressure. As the rosin heats up, it seeps through the tiny holes in the bag, leaving behind any plant matter. The end result? Pure, untainted rosin concentrate on the parchment paper.