Collection: Tree Percolator Bong

Are you looking for a new percolator bong? If so, you will love the Tree Percolator from Beefy’s Bongs Australia. It will give you the perfect hit while also offering a stylish look for your smoking session.

This aesthetically pleasing percolator features a trunk and branches that look just like a tree. When pulled, the smoke rises through the trunk and is then diffused through the water and dispersed through the branches. A Tree percolator can be used with a dab rig or with a traditional water bong with equal ease. If you are looking for extra refinement, the extra diffusers on the tips of the branches will make each hit smoother, cooler, and reduce the harshness to just about nothing.

Most people enjoy percolators because they can transform harsh pulls into a smooth drag that highlights the taste of dab, concentrates, or other legal herbs. It works by cooling the smoke through numerous bubbles which in turn generates a hit that is clean, smooth, and of course cool in the throat.

Tree Percolator FAQ

Caring For Your Tree Percolator

These compact devices make use of various branches to increase diffusion and dampen the sound generated by a pull. While they are highly effective, they can be difficult to clean. If you are an aficionado and prefer taste and experience over speed, then the extra work won’t be an issue. Percolators tend to be complex and intricate in nature, and tree percs are no different. Make sure to choose a model that is made from very strong glass and always take your time while cleaning them.

Tip: Always tip the water out of the bottom chamber via the glass joint where the stem is inserted, never tip the bong upside down while there is dirty water in the bottom chamber otherwise you will end up with all that gunk in your percolator and that will make it much harder to clean.