Collection: High End Glass Bongs

Are you looking for high-end bongs to enhance your next smoking session? Everybody deserves a pretty but functional designer glass piece in their home. Smoking your favourite legal herbs through glass is another experience altogether when compared to a traditional joint.

Hitting a full bowl and breathing in the thick smoke deep into your lungs lets you absorb every last nanogram of the legal herbs. Upon exhaling, you feel the difference immediately, with the bong deepening the taste and effect of your favourite legal herbs.

We have a complete range of high-end bongs from leading glass manufacturers such as RooR, EHLE, Zob, HVY, Zenit, and Mathematix. We have a comprehensive range to suit your bonging experience, with different sizes and styles available. Pick up an advanced model with percs, ice-traps, and angled necks, or go for an old-school straight-pipe design.

All our glass products come from world-class manufacturers using proven, established glass blowing methods and high quality-control standards. The result is an amazing bonging experience that leaves you satisfied with your session.

High-end bongs come in a range of designs and sizes and feature design and construction with premium glass materials. We choose manufacturers offering premium-grade borosilicate glass in every bong.

High-end bongs feature amazing patterns and colours incorporated into their design. Each piece is a true work of art, handcrafted by expert glassblowers. You can see the passion, care, and thought put into every high-end bong we have in our store. Pick out a bong that suits your smoking style and your personality.

We only offer you the world’s leading brands on bong manufacturing. We carefully curated our range of bongs to include the best designs and models we could find online. Pick up a bong for your collection, your first pipe, or as the perfect present for a friend.