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Collection: Spiral Percolator Bong

Are you thinking about buying a spiral percolator bong? Great choice! Percs provide you with the smoothest smoking experience for your legal dry herbs. Our range of percolator bongs includes different styles, and you’re probably wondering about the differences between showerhead, matrix, and spiral percs. How do they influence the smoking experience in terms of performance, taste, and aroma?

Spiral Percolator FAQ

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Percolators essentially divert the incoming airflow into the water and this is achieved by having the smoke pass through the multiple openings on the end of the percolator. Instead of creating large bubbles with a traditional bong and stem, the perc creates thousands of smaller bubbles. This effect enhances the filtration of the smoke, cooling it before it reaches the mouthpiece.

The result is a clean, smooth hit with lower temperatures and fewer impurities. Your lungs will thank you, and you’ll never have to worry about choking on your bong rip. Percs come in several different models, each offering the smoker a different experience with their rip.

The spiral percolator is one of the newer perc designs, building off the traditional down stem design on a conventional bong. The spiral perc is one of the lesser-known percs, thanks to its somewhat confusing operation.

The spiral perc also goes by the name of the coil percolator because the perc coils around in a downward spiral toward the smoke chamber. Since the coil allows you to create a longer path towards the water, you get a smoother rip and more flavour out of your smoke, with a cool finish that isn’t harsh on the lungs.

While the spiral is effective and suitable for taking large, hard rips, it lacks the refinement of the showerhead or disk designs. However, it’s a good choice for smokers who want an experience similar to a traditional bong but with a significant improvement in smoke quality, flavour, and aroma.

Browse our range of spiral perc bongs and pick one out that suits your smoking style.