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Titanium Dab Nail

Do you want the best performance out of your dab rig? It's common knowledge that the titanium nail is the benchmark for vaporizing your favourite legal concentrates. The titanium nail has a reputation for holding heat while allowing for a higher temperature range than a ceramic banger.

While the ceramic nail or cone is the more user friendly, the titanium nail offers the smoker the professional choice. The properties of titanium make it a superconductor of heat, allowing you to create ultra-high temperatures to vaporize your concentrate for the heaviest cloud production.

Titanium not only offers you superior heat conduction and higher temperatures, but it's also virtually indestructible and this is what makes it very beginner friendly. Titanium is one of the toughest alloys on the planet, and your new nail will last a lifetime, even with repeated heating and cooling cycles.

Ceramic, quartz, and glass nails and bangers work, but you're probably going to end up breaking a few of them throughout your vaping career. A titanium option is great to have around if anything goes wrong, offering you're the best reliability for your dab rig.

We have a range of titanium nails to suit any dab rig. We have all sizes available to suit your vaping requirements, including all the standard sizes of 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm joints. We carry the best range of imported titanium nails from the world's leading dabbing brands. We're confident we have the right titanium nail to suit your rig and your dabbing requirements. We sell domeless titanium nails and the more traditional titanium dab nails.

Titanium offers you slower heating times for better heat control and faster cooling times to avoid fire hazards in your home. Browse our range of titanium nails and find the right nail to suit your dab rig and your vaping needs.

If you need help determining the correct size products that you require please refer to our "Glass Grinding Sizes Guidehere.

Titanium Nails FAQ

Why Use a Titanium Nails?

They are the most durable nail available.