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We carry a large range of percolator bongs to cater for every style and budget. What is a percolator and why would I want one? A percolator is an extra apparatus that is built in to your glass bongs that has the purpose of helping to break down the smoke in to smaller bubbles which in turn creates a greater surface area allowing the water to cool the smoke down. This allows the smoke to cool down enough to give a nice and smooth experience. This is achieved by forcing the smoke through any one of the percolator styles that are submerged in water.

There are many different types of percolators from honeycomb, spiral, matrix, drum and tree designs just to name a few. Percolator glass bongs come in a variety of vessels including beakers, straight tubes and dab rigs. There are also many leading manufacturers that create and use percolators including but not limited to Zob, Black Leaf, Blaze, Mathematix, Grace glass and many more which can all be found at Beefy’s.

If you need help deciding on what type of percolator to choose, we have a "Different Styles of Bong Percolators" guide that can be found here.

Master the Art of Bong Percolation.

Explore the Different Styles of Bong Percolators: A Comprehensive Guide.


Percolator Bongs FAQ

What is a percolator bong?

A percolator bong is a bong with the addition of a percolator added to it. Percolators or sometimes referred to as percs are an additional piece that allows the smoke to be broken down in to smaller bubbles and this is why they produce a smoother finish.

What is the point of a percolator in a bong?

The percolator simply breaks the smoke down in to smaller bubbles and this creates a greater surface area which in turn allows the smoke to cool down faster and this is why you end up with a smoother end experience.

Are percolator bongs better?

The simple answer is yes, percolator bongs will always produce a smoother smoke compared to a non-percolated bong. Percolators are available in a vast range of different styles from the basic single disc honeycomb percolator all the way through to the intricate percolators such as 44 arm tree. They are also available in multi-level setups such as the triple level percolators where there are three percs in the neck of the bong where the smoke must travel through each perc before reaching your mouth.