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Are you headed out for the day? Maybe you're picking up some of your favourite legal dry herbs? What are you going to use to carry your product? Using your traditional plastic sandwich bag is a mistake. Sandwich bags offer you limited odour protection, and they also damage your herbs.

Beefy's Bongs Australia brings you a range of Ziploc bags in various sizes, with double and triple seals to prevent odours from escaping the bag. Keep your herbs as fresh as possible and safely stored away from moisture and other elements that may ruin your herbs.

Bags Ziplock FAQ

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Our range of fresh-lock Ziploc bags keeps your legal dry herbs in pristine condition, preventing heat and moisture from changing the dynamic of your smoke. With Ziploc baggies, you retain the scent, flavour, and freshness of the herbs.

Best of all, Ziploc baggies are inexpensive and available in a range of sizes to suit the smallest or biggest stashes. We offer you a wide range of premium Ziploc baggies from leading brands like Head Chef, Skunk, Cookies, and more.

Ditch the Ziploc baggies you buy from the supermarket and invest in a specialist storage solution designed to house your favourite legal dry herbs. We selected the best products with the highest quality. You can expect sealed, triple-pressed edges, preventing damage to the bag during transport.

The wide and thick seal on these Ziploc nags won't let you down, containing the flavour and smell of the herbs. There's no chance of the seals opening, and you get a clean opening and closing action for a user-friendly experience.

Our Ziploc bags are weather and water-resistant, and you have options for UV-protective materials to prevent the sunlight from damaging your dry herbs. The bags are puncture-resistant, hard-wearing, and incredibly robust. Check out our range of Ziploc baggies; they're an affordable way to protect your legal dry herbs.