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Hemp Wick FAQ

Why use hemp wick?

The main reason to use hemp wick is that you can avoid inhaling butane or lighter fluid that traditional lighters use. Many people believe it is the healthier alternative as hemp wick is only made from two natural ingredients, hemp fibres and bees wax.

How do you use hemp wick?

You simply light the end of the hemp wick with a lighter (yes you will still need something to light the wick with) and then you can use the flame from the wick as you typically would with a standard lighter, the flame will stay lit as long as you require. You must ensure that the flame is extinguished after you use the hemp wick.

How much does hemp wick cost?

Hemp wick prices start at $1.95 for an 8 foot packet of Heavy Hitters hemp wick.

Can you get high off hemp wick?

No, Hemp wick does not possess any psychoactive properties, therefore it is not possible to experience a high from using it.

Is hemp wick legal?

Absolutely, hemp wick is simply a length of twine made from hemp fibres and then coated (saturated) in bees wax and there are no psychoactive properties to the hemp wick.

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Hemp wick provides an alternative way of lighting your legal herbs without having to worry about ingesting butane or lighter fluid that is found in traditional lighters. Hemp wick is a natural alternative to using a lighter as it is made from two basic natural ingredients, hemp fibres that are turned in to twine and then coated (saturated) in bees wax. Hemp wick has the advantage of staying lit as long as you require and is a slow burning material, you can adjust the rate of burn by tilting the wick to your desired angle. There are many ways to store and use hemp wick making it a convenient way to light up in the healthiest way.