Collection: Clearance

Here you will find our latest range of clearance items, they are a mix of seconds, overstocked and end of line products.

Most seconds only have minor defects and what most other shops would sell without hesitation. The price will reflect the severity of the defect, the larger the discount, the larger the defect.

**Attention** Please read the following before making a purchase.
These are seconds and are sold as is with no returns. They will have a small cosmetic defect that will not effect the products function or longevity. No extra photo's will be supplied.
The defect may be a scratch, visible glass swirls, damaged boxes, crooked joints, label defect, a glass pimple (raised glass area) or any combination of the mentioned defects.

*If you are picky about items this is NOT the section for you, if you are happy with a small defect of two, here is the place to score yourself a bargain.