18mm Cone Pieces FAQ

What size are most bong cones / bowls?

The vast majority of glass cone pieces in use today are the 14mm variety, the second most used size is the 18mm glass cone piece and then the much rarer 10mm.

What Size Cone Piece do I need? Our guide will help you determine the correct size required.

What Size Cone Piece Do I Need?

If you're unsure about the right size products you need, check out our "Glass Grinding Sizes Guide" on the link provided below. We've got you covered!

Glass Sizes Guide

Collection: 18mm Cone Pieces

18mm glass cone pieces are the second most used size in the glass bong market, they were the most dominate size on the market until the introduction of reducer stems which turned the marked to the smaller and more compact sizes. There is still a strong following of people who prefer the larger 18mm sizing as they prefer the larger flow available with an 18mm bowl and 18mm stem.

18mm bowls can also be referred to as 18.8mm and SG18 or SG19 and they are all the same size. The 18mm refers to the size of the ground joint as has nothing to do with the holding capacity or shape of the actual cone (bowl).