Collection: Beaker Bongs

Beaker bongs are a style of glass bongs that has an enlarged bottom section that allows a much greater volume of water to be used. This results in the water staying cooler for longer and also requiring the water to be changed far less often. One of the other advantages of a beaker is they generally allow you to achieve a much bigger with the extra space that will allow for the collection of more smoke prior to inhalation. They come in a range of heights, colours and thicknesses from 4-9 mm, we carry a large range of beakers from many different brands.

Beaker Bongs FAQ

How big is a beaker bong?

Beaker bongs come in many different sizes; mini beakers tend to start at around 8 inches in height. The three most common beakers are 12”, 14” and 18” inches in height. Beaker bongs also have many other variables such as the size of the water chamber (base) and the diameter of the neck of the bong. 50mm is regarded as the standard full size diameter of the neck on bongs, the other popular diameters are 38mm and 44mm and this is something you should consider when choosing a new beaker bong.