Great Service, Friendly, Polite, Quick and most important well packed, arrived in sydney in perfect condition
Thank you Beefys i will be recommending you to my friends and family and be using you again very soon ☺

C.J smokesalot


Just wanted to say thanks for all the work you must put in to creating a business with such dedication, great customer service, prompt delivery, great products and prices.
I thought the lolly bag was a really nice gift idea and since ordering again I wanted to take the time to thank any and all involved.
Thanks again, Nick.



Just a quick note to say thanks for the prompt and professional service. Products arrived today and I'm wrapped with the quality. The little lolly bag was a much appreciated touch too :)



Incredible, the product arrived the day after I ordered. Extremely professional and discrete packaging, lolly bag also delicious. Letter also nice.

If I ever need such services again, I'll definitely look here first, cheers guys.

Mr Happy


I received everything correctly and packaged very well and quickly so just wanted to write a thank you. A++ job.



Received my order today and man oh man am I stoked! Everything arrived super fast and in perfect shape. My perc runs like a dream to!

Great service with some awesome products and all at pretty good prices! Will definitely be recommending you to the homies! Cheers Beefy!!

Dan K


Bought a glass piece, came packaged very well and in 2-3 days of paying, also came with some papers and wax hemp string free, very happy with purchase.

Ben D


Thank You so much I sent you guys a tweet @(not sure if should be public) and I am blown away, even though this is my first transaction and was a bit worried with the payment method they proceeded to help me and they send a letter with the piece with was awesome and CANDY YES!!!! I love it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I would highly recommend this site to any smoker, beginner or master, the site itself is also really to a high quality, thank you guys I love you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Oh, I forgot about the prices.
They are so competitive! The amazing piece I got from here (Beefy’s) would have cost at LEAST twice from bigger sites, especially the ones from America. But you guys (Beefy’s) offered me a piece of glass with the same expert quality and with the perks I'd say probably better. When you order from Beefy’s you can be sure you are getting an expert and competitive price.
I can't wait to see you guys expand as a company and thus expand your range in products.
There service and quality of the site are a+++ and sets and example to not only the other smoke shops but all other businesses.

If I need something, I know where I'm buying it off

Blown away thank you so much everyone at Beefy’s,



Bought 2 cone pieces, arrived in like 2 days, free lollies :)



Hey guys, my package turned up yesterday and I'd just like to say thanks! I've ordered from a few different stores online and you guys and hands down the best I've dealt with. Speedy delivery, Quality items and even the little goody bags haha! I can't speak highly of you guys and have recommended that all my mates don't even bother ordering from anywhere else!
Thanks again,



just when I thought there aren't any good online bong stores in Australia and I started looking at ordering from overseas I stumbled on this amazing online store. everything is just perfect.
the site it self is very nice and simple. great customer service. received my product in less than 24 hours from submitting the order! package was just great and discrete. highly recommended !! and thanks for the bag of lollies.


Got everything, was bit scared that it wouldn't come but came in 3-4 working days :) and love the little gift of lollies



 This is probably the best customer experience I have ever received from any online store. Simple, super fast, great communication and incredibly easy. I have never had a better online experience with any other store, even for clothes or other items. the few munchies and packet of RAW's is highly appreciated and a lovely little touch.The product itself was perfect and in perfect condition, fulfilling exactly what the description/information states. I will certainly be sticking to beefy's bong's side for a long time. Thanks guys, keep up the fantastic work!



Hi I just wanted to say thank you. The way you guys operate is awesome, great customer service and super fast postage. Got my delivery 9.30am this morning.....



Iv'e ordered a lot of pieces, Through a lot of places but my Black leaf Saxo is a step above anything i have to date! Smooth as hell. comfortable to hold and hits like a beast. But the customer service is what i'm most blown away by! after shooting the staff an email asking for some advice? they were quick to respond and actually treated me like an individual and not just a $$$ My new addition got to me safe and sound and not a scratch on her i'm a very happy shopper that will be returning! Thank you!!



Order has arrived, in tact. Thanks for the extra lollies, I don't get how you guys make money with such low prices and having so much bubble wrap haha.



 I've ordered smoke supplies from a few sites and Beefys is the best by far. Don't bother with the other sites!

C Mactastic


Wow! Great service, extremely fast delivery, great products! Thanks guys will definetly be back! Thanks Dangles.



 second time iv ordered and absolutey wrapped! prompt delivery and immaculate quality!!! the lolly bags are brilliant! and the extra goodies were greatly appreciated! ALTHOUGH........ now iv gotta buy a wick dispenser.... *wink wink* but seriously guys love your work and il defiantly be coming back very very soon!!!



 First time buying from you guys and I'm stoked. I've been ordering online since 03' and this has been the most pleasant experience yet. Package arrived in like two working days, everything was extremely well packed and I get a gift bag with some lollies, skins, tips, and an extra bowl! Thank you heaps for that, especially. As you can probably see I severely underestimated the size of the hole in the original bowl and it just wasn't gonna do what it needed to. You've looked into my heart from across the country and provided a solution to a problem I didn't even know I had yet. Absolutely well played, and thank you. 



 Just got my order from beefys and could not be more stoked! For one the shipping was super fast and so were the staff at answering any questions I had. Secondly, the Lollie bag and free lighter just killed it!

420% recommend beefysbongs!
Cheers guys



Ordered sunday night, received thursday morning in central qld. i felt like a kid at christmas - except even more excited. took me 15 minutes to get through the bubble wrap!

amazing range on the website at very competitive prices.
i wanted something sturdy and easy to keep clean, so i bought the Jelly Joker "Black Pearl" 7mm and a carbon filter. amazing piece at an amazing price.

To my surprise there was a lil gift bag with lollies, and a few other handy extras.

Overall, Beefysbongs, you just got yourself another return customer. keep up the amazing service!



Just wanted to say Beefys is hands down the very best site in Australia for everything BHO/Herb related. I have tried other sites but none compare to Beefys. Beefys have the best prices, fastest shipping and very very well packaged. The free gifts definitely show that Beefys know what we all like ;) . I have made a few orders so far and will be making more I'll be doing all my Christmas shopping here that's for sure!!!

Thanks very much Beefys much appreciated.

Happy 420 everyone.



Perfect service, really fast replies to my emails and my parcel was shipped out really quickly after my order was made - the same day.
Delivery was very very fast, I recieved my package the day after it was shipped. I got a little lolly bag and some free hemp wick in my extremely well wrapped (and padded) package.

Overall I have been blown away by the incredible service, thank you Beefy I will be ordering again soon.



Great quality glass! Cheers for the extras :)



Definitely the best online glass shop i have come across; from the quick delivery to the extra little goody bag filled with lollies, a lighter, etc. You can tell beefys are serious about customer service. 10/10 would recommend.



My fantastic woman bought me a brand new glass beast from Beefys for Christmas. Damn its good! Delivery was super fast arriving well before Christmas morning. Was also pretty satisfied with all the little extras Santa must of had laying around his workshop. Already have and always will to continue to purchase my smoking goods from Beefys!



Fantastic customer service, fast delivery, thorough packaging. Can't fault my experience. Thank you very much, definately earnt yourselves a loyal customer in me. Have already recommended you to a few friends.



Perfect transaction, packaged smart and discreet, good value and even included a free gift. 10/10 will always recommend to anyone interested!



Amazingly fast delivery time took less than a week for me. Also awesome getting some quality freebies. will definitely use again and recommend. Cheers beefy!



Amazingly satisfied, fast postage, excellent packing, and great glass! Even added a cute little lollie basket. Thanks heaps



Great products, quick delivery, incredibly well packaged, felt like Christmas opening up all the bubble wrap! Lollie bag was a nice touch, will definitely use the site again!



Black Leaf Honeycomb bong - looks awesome, can't wait to get into it, came with an extra party sized cone piece which is rad

Blaze cone piece - broke before I even got to use it, seems that the glass joint was made pretty poorly - superglued it back together but pretty disappointed otherwise

Boys at beefy's hooked me up with some lollies u know how it is round here we got some red skins allens and minties and more, threw in a lighter, raw papers and filters ya know how ya boy feels bout this. Cheers boys, see ya soon.



What an amazing company, after a major stuff up from my end not checking my spam folder which was where Beefys emails were going, I started thinking the worst. Anne had responded to all my mail and the parcel was at door next day, the best quality piece at an amazingly competitive price, and thank you so much for the extra glass piece, the lolly bag, and a silicone wax container , all just as an extra fine customer service touch.
Please order from ,Beefys , you get best quality, best customer service, fast shipping and freebies.
Oh and check your spam folder.

Thanks again, Beefys, I have already recommended friends



Thank you, Received my package in 2 days perfect condition so much bubble wrap to roll around in.
So happy with the service and product quality.

Advice to others don't waste your time anywhere other than beefys.

The surprise was appreciated



My experience was 100% amazing from start to finish.. The selection of products is amazing, the prices are extremely competitive with other websites (even better in certain areas!), and it only took about 3 days from making my purchase to having them rock up on my doorstep! There was even a couple freebies thrown in! (Thank you, btw!!)

All in all, I would rate my experience a absolute 10/10!
I will definitely be coming back to Beefy's again, as well as recommend them to my friends :)

Great work guys!!

Amber L


Bought the Four-Twenty Sidecar bong got it in like 2 days to riverina nsw very happy, even got a little gift bag with some tips and papers these guys at beefys are legends good job fella's.



 These guys are the best. Both times I've ordered I've had next day delivery (to Melbourne). Products have all been top notch, it's so good to finally have a professional supplier of concentrate accessories in Oz. Don't hesitate to order from Beefy's, they have never let me down.



 Bought a cute bubble bonza on sunday night and my baby was here on tuesday morning, the most impressed ive ever been, not to mention the mounds of bubble wrap that my cat can now play with, AND a damn lolly bag!! In all honestly this is the best online experience i have ever had by a mile. 
Thanks a million guys



 From placing the order to my door less than 48 hours. Great customer service, extremely thorough packaging to protect my goods. Excellent pricing. Great quality products. I look forward to placing my next order. For anyone somewhat skeptical about the order and payment process fear not, Beefy's are true blue.



 Arrived in less than 24hrs after i made payment so couldn't be happier. I spent a very long time searching all over the internet for a bong that i really liked and Beefys had the best range of styles that i was interested in for the best price. Purchased a Black Leaf beaker bong and i am so in love it's such great quality and a really nice weight. Was wrapped with lots of care very well protected also really appreciate the candy, lighter and filters was a nice surprise. Would definitely purchase from again, highly recommend.



 Great service, fast delivery, arrived in 2 days ,
plus extra lollies, lighter and cone piece .
Yous are amazing ***** 5 stars haha



Best website i have ordered from, the boys gave me heaps of free stuff and the shipping was super fast. Cheers legends



Wow! Super fast delivery and quality products! You are officially my go to, thank you!



Great customer service, replied within minutes of me trouble shooting a question.



I am extremely happy with this service. Bong literally came 24hours later. Will buy from Beefy's Bongs again :)



As always, this company goes way and beyond the expectation of Customer Service. Super fast delivery, 2 days, unbelievably well and safely packaged (as always), and not to mention the good ol treats/freebies thrown in. I have recommended many friends to this site, best prices, and quality pieces sourced from around the world, you cant find or buy most of these items anywhere in Australia, but Beefys.
Thanks again crew.



I ordered the Black Leaf premium grinder and it arrived within 4 days in bubble wrap and discreet packaging. The lolly bag and lighter were an excellent touch and made me smile when opening the packaging. The product is great quality and the ordering is very simple and straightforward.

I highly recommend this company based on their excellent approach to customer service and meticulous touches that you don't see very often with large companies anymore.

Keep up the great work guys!



Whoops..... I ordered the wrong size attachment for my water distiller ;) I quickly emailed the team at Beefy's and a rapid response followed. When the swift adjustments were made by the team to my order as well as A++ customer service via email. To really top off my order when it arrived the team had even added in a few extra gifts that worked perfectly with my order (even a bag of lollies to sweeten the deal) I also ordered a brush that I assumed would be the perfect cleaner but just in case Beefy's had my back and put in another size.
Beefy's is top notch and I would 10/10 recommend and purchase from here in future.

Thanks Beefy's, you made my day/week with your kind gestures



Couldn't be happier with the products and service, 2nd time purchasing from beefys, 110% quality. 12/10 would recommend (not only because of the awesome freebies XD) 

Wouldn't shop anywhere else!

meg jonz


 Beefy's Bongs is in my experience, the premier site for the purchase of top quality items associated with the enjoyment of alternative smoking products. I am a busy man and appreciate a simple, quick, hassle and gripe free experience is highly appreciated and should be valued by both customer and the vendor. Beefy's Bongs exceeds all reasonable expectations in every respect. They have delivered a quality product, matching description and items ordered in an impressively prompt and highly discreet manner. 
Not a single complaint over the course of 3 orders. Highly impressed and genuinely cannot find fault with the overall shopping experience. Very satisfied customer. A job well done, Beefy's Bongs staff.



Arrived in perfect condition thanks to tone of bubble wrap and cardboard box and even more bubble wrap. Couldn't be happier with my purchase and thanks for the freebies. Cheers from mr 1st bong at 37.



My order came in less then a 1 day and good packaging and plus got a bag of lollies, that's what you call a good service.



 First time buyer from Beefys and i can say i'm over the moon with the service. The items arrived in record time! They were wrapped in layers of bubble-wrap and are of an extremely high standard! The little extras were amazing and a lovely touch! Would definitely recommend Beefys and will be returning to buy from here again :) :) :)

M & D


Beefys rocks! I had a very pleasant experience with these guys. Not a single bad word to say about them, the ordering process was quick and easy. My delivery was quick and well wrapped up so no damage would occur. So happy with my purchase

Would 100% use these guys again.

Stirling Archer


Hey guys, I just wanted to thank you for your incredible service. I ordered a quartz dab tool/carb cap combo off your site yesterday at 3pm and woke to find it already delivered. That is hands down the best service I've received from an online order. Thank you very much guys, i will be telling all my friends to order via you from now on




Stumbled across Beefy's by accident and am so glad i did! My new go-to shop for anything i need plus the service is second to none. Thanks so much for the fast turn around, incredibly friendly service and top shelf products! You're going to see a lot of future orders from me!
Cheers, Adam



Amazing customer service and great gear. Was able to change my order, ask questions and even got some papers and other freebies. Highly recommend!




 I've ordered from a number of websites but this is by far the best. Great communication, fast delivery (including some yummy lollies!) and great products!! I've had trouble in the past with other companies that goods arrived damaged but they were packaged with care! Thank you so much! Will order from you again!!




Awesome item nice thick glass Very well packaged and super fast postage ordered Tuesday arrived Wednesday all with a free lollies .Couldn't Be Happier Thank You

Shane A



Best service ever ! Love what I got and am going to thrash it hard ! Cheers BEEFY'S !!!!!




 I made my first order with these guys and I have soo many good things to say! I needed some items and wasn't sure whether to go with Beefys or another similar online store. Let's just say I am so glad I went with Beefys! My order arrived in 2 days and I was shocked as I live in a small regional town and shipping usually takes at least 1 week. They even threw in some candy with my order. I LOVE these guys and will 100% use this website for future orders!




I LOVE BEEFY'S!! products are excellent, service is excellent and i always receive my order in 2 days... Excellent! Love your work guys.




By far the best online shop around! I have used them all! I ordered at 1pm had shipping details by 1:45pm and arrived at mine by 1030am the next day. That shows me they value there customers and don't have to hear a bunch of lies about why it took 2days to ship it.




This is my first purchase from beefysbongs.
I want say what a pleasure it is to buy and receive a package from beefysbongs. Postage is fast, there is a very nice letter, thanking you for your purchase, the lovely/great, item/product you bought, plus a lovely bag of lollies.
Thankyou very much Beefys, it is rare to see such great customer service,
I will definitely be buying from beefys in the future.
All The Best




 I’ve ordered from Beefy’s quite a few times now and I’ve never been disappointed. Super lovely people and fast shipping, incredible products, cheap prices and great discounts. I’ll never go anywhere else again! Love your work!




Have purchased from you twice now and can't say how pleased we are with the products. Great delivery service and good quality. Will recommend your website to everyone. Definitely worth the money!




First and foremost I will like to thanks beefy for the lovely lolli bag and I am really enjoying the product and specially my mates are also in love with my bong and ash catcher and to top it off beefy send me early Christmas present by sending me raws roll paper and free extra cone and connector. I am thankful to beefy for that.Cheers!!!




Was super happy with my purchase! Was all wrapped very discreetly and very cute hehe




I ordered the Grace Glass Amber' Spiral Perc Beaker and it arrived very quickly especially considering the order was placed during the busiest time of the year. The lollies which were included added a nice touch as well.




Incredibly happy with the product and exceptional customer service I received.
I made a last minute order hoping to receive before Christmas. My order was processed immediately after payment and arrived, well packaged, the following day. The bonus Christmas gift was another wonderful surprise. Highly recommend this company! Thank you!




 Could not be more satisfied with the service! Stealthy shipping, with plenty of bubble wrap. Arrived on time. Always appreciate the lolly bag and they even chucked in an extra cone piece and some screens! Thanks Beefy, will be recommending you to all my mates!

Harvey M



 Quick shipping, tons of bubble wrap and foam so everything was kept safe and thanks for the free stuff

Harley B



very happy ordered on Saturday. Received Tuesday, well packaged and even got a bonus silicon container I didn’t order as gift. Will shop again

Sash P



Got my delivery today, amazing quality and carefully packaged. Loved the goody bag with the smaller bowl included. Will definitely be buying from here again and here only. Thanks so much guys, great work.




 Just wanna say, WOW! Cant think of a better experience when ordering online! Not only was it here extremely fast, but your customer service is AMAZING, never took long for a reply, it was packaged extremely well, (maybe too well lol) discreet, plus it came with extra goodies for free!! I know thats pretty standard but they package it uniquely, and you get sweets to help with your munchies!! As for the product itself.... OH MY GOD. I never knew Jesus blew glass.... Will be back 100% 10/10 ☆☆☆☆☆ AAA+

Marcus C



Delivery was so fast, came in awesome packaging lots of care taken with it, no one else gives lollie bags out.
5 stars love it

Jay P



I've ordered from Beefy's quite a few times and every time I'm more impressed with the service, ease and quality of the products. I've never once had any issues with my orders, shipping is quick and items are always very well packaged and discrete!
The lollies you put in are just part of the reason I feel so loyal to ordering from you guys, it shows you really care about your customers and I'm so glad I ordered from you guys the first time because I've never looked back.
Thanks a heap for everything you do!




Asked for information on shipping, response time was very fast and the customer service is very good, cheap prices highly recommend!

Shane C



Next day delivery on my order, packaged well, discreet and a bag of lollies included! 

I incorrectly wrote my address in the order so flicked them an email and they replied and amended in minutes after I emailed them. Awesome stuff.

Will be back




Thank you so, so much for providing such an excellent service and product.

At first I was hesitant sending an EFT payment, but after e-mailing their service team, they immediately dissipated any essence of doubt I had in my mind and put me at ease. I put through the payment shortly after, and a day later my order was processed.

I was updated every step of the way by e-mail - when my order was updated or if my package was going to be delivered soon.

My order was delivered in a very timely manner - my payment was put through early in the week and my package arrived that Friday.

It was very well packaged - I am now the proud owner of several meters of bubble wrap and a large box (my cats will be thrilled).

And to top it all off, they threw in a few freebies, of which I was absolutely delighted to receive!

TL;DR: Literally the best online service I've ever had. Thank you so much. I'll definitely be back again!

~ Kaz



Dear Beefy’s Bongs,

A quick note to let you know that the device has arrived safe and sound. Your packing was a work of art and science. Thank you so very much for responding so quickly to my order, especially at this time the year. Believe me I do appreciate the time and effort you put in to your enterprise-in the end it really does benefit all of your customers. So, in the immortal words of Arnie Schwarzenegger’s Terminator character, “I’ll be back.” Have fun over the holiday period.

All the best,



Anyone with an interest in combustibles would be hard pressed to find a better online shop catering to their interests and requirements than Beefy’s Bongs. In fact I’d go so far as to say that Beefy’s represents the ideal online seller. The customer service is stellar. Its product range is extensive and carefully selected by knowledgeable and experienced staff. The website is easy to navigate and simple to use. Product descriptions are informative and accurate. All online consumers should expect but do not necessarily experience fast shipping times. Beefy’s provides ultra-efficient and fast shipment of that which you desire. When it comes to packing glass or gadgetry, Beefy’s clearly ascribes to the principle of ‘overkill’. As a result, the delicate goods you’ve ordered are likely arrive at their destination safe and secure, in one piece.

But it is the customer support service that really sets Beefy’s apart from other companies I’ve ordered from in the past. Em is especially knowledgeable of the range of available products and willing to invest time and effort in answering any questions you might have. Em is also considerable force when it comes to informed advice on a range of matters related. Without reservation I recommend this company to anyone, five out of five stars.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review. One last thought, should the question arise in the mind of the reader, “No” I’m not related to anyone connected with Beefy’s Bongs nor do I have shares in the company. I’m simply one happy patron.

Repeat customer



The best online shopping experience i have ever had, arrived within two days in prime condition and extra... i will use beefy's bongs errry time




Recommended by a friend and was not disappointed! Very fast delivery, loved the free goodies i got, cheers.

Gremlin King



Hi there,

I just received my order and I’d like to say that everything from start to finish was exceptional. Probably the best customer experience I’ve ever had. Thanks for the service you provided. Would definitely recommend to ANYONE in the market for one of your products.

Thanks :)




Just received my package, so happy with it, the gift was a nice little extra also, love this shop! Will definitely buy again




Order confirmed and shipped fast received by Friday ordering Wednesday perfect timing for the weekend. Even got some free treats which I think past me was extremely grateful of.

Mitchell S



WOW just wow, I have never in my life seen a fragile item packaged so damn well, it was like a peace of art and almost a shame to destroy so I could get to the new glassware. I was so impressed i took photos as i worked my way through the bublewrap with printed labels advising which ends to open and in what order. Even the 'Free Gift' (Lollies) were in 5 layers of bubble wrap, well done!
Paid xtra for over night express and was shipped and received as sutch. Amazing service but I think your box packer might have OCD, it was bloody perfect! haha Thankyou.




Every time I have ordered from you guys, or ever had to get in contact to ask a question. The service has been beyond perfect!
Quality service like this in businesses is dying, so I wanted to take a minute to thank you people who are still keeping it going.
You guys really do your job and I'm sure it makes all your customers feel like it made me feel.
I really appreciate it and please don't let anything change the good service, thank you!

Kind regards,



Holy moly that was fast, less than 24 hours interstate, thanks team and have a great day.




The products are amazing quality but more so the staff are amazing and are a great help :) ill be back for sure. Cheers Beefy's.








I wish all online purchases were as easy as this company’s A1 service!!! And the free bag of lollies topped it off! Thanks soo much guys you’re AWESOME!!!




Hi folks, just wanted to say thanks for my recent order. The level of care that went into the packaging and dispatch was simply phenomenal, especially during such a crazy time as this. I'm fairly new to smoking and already I feel looked after by the community because of your work. So thank you, sincerely! And the lolly bag was a lovely touch.




Received my package today and thank you for the lollies and incense you added in. Fantastic job on the packaging too. I am very, very happy with the quality of the products. Thank you.




I got my items 2 days after ordering, so impressed & they give you a little bag of lollies. The best bong shop in Australia, hands down!! Got a forever customer with me :)

Sara L



I just wanted to shout out whoever is working for you guys. Been buying for a couple years, never had issues, everything has always been in good condition, free lollies with every order and you guys have been nice enough to throw spare cones and lighters in. Top job guys, keep it up. Love you all.

Nicholas D



Just wanted to say that my delivery was so neatly and well packed that it was a shame to pull everything out of the box.. A+ for shipping guys, awesome job.
I’ll be back as a return customer for sure.
All the best,




Ordered from Beefy's a few times now, each time has been perfect. Order/Delivery times are by far the quickest out of any site, ordered around lunch time & the order was sent out the same day.. Packaging top notch, product basically impossible to break with that much bubble wrap. Ontop of all that I've received several free gifts. Will be back for sure

Willie Nelson



Excellent Quality, Great communication, Highly recommend using this site for all smoking needs




Thank you so much for creating such an awesome business. You guys have gone above and beyond and it is much appreciated. My package arrived in such great condition and the quality was outstanding. I also loved the lolly bag and additional gifts! Highly recommend and will definitely be ordering from Beefys again soon!




My package arrived much faster than I expected with regular shipping, was secured very well and nothing came damaged or broken. The product itself is fantastic and for the price I’m truly blown away. Dealing with beefy's has been nothing but easy and I’m sure my next piece will be from here too. Thanks!




 Quality products!! FANTASTIC service, great packaging, a lovely gift and just an A++++ vendor.

Dima G



Top notch. Paid instantly and was sent out within a few hours. Was a little apprehensive about the deposit payment system. Can vouch. Cheers lads.

Jake M



Hey There.

Just Want to say thank you for the amazing products and the really quick and prompt delivery.

You guys exceeded my expectations and will definitely be using you again and recommending you to friends and family.

Thanks for making my day.

Kind regards




Great product great service and quick shipment




Always great quality product. Hassle free, fast and reliable service. Will not go anywhere else.

Jason B



Hi there beefy's bongs team
just wanted to say thank you for a great glass product & service second to none,the lollie gift is icing on the cake.
Regards Chris,from oz.




Hey guys I got my order and I love it....thanks for lollies and that adapter, I'm not sure if it came with it or not but I definitely needed it. I'll be buying from you's again.

Thanks heaps




Hi Guy’s,

Just wanted to say thanks for such a quick turnaround on receiving my order.

Product is quality and I appreciate the additional lollies. I’ll be sure to use you again moving forward.

Kind Regards,




Hi. No need for assistance. Just hoping you could tell the whole team at Beefy's Bongs many thanks from me. Very happy with the products, packaging and freebies. Cheers you bloody legends!!!




Just received my order. Very happy with the amount of packaging and Bubble wrap placed around the item. Gives us confidence in ordering glass item. We'll definitely be ordering more down the line. Keep up the good work.




hii! i recently just received my package from you guys and i absolutely loved the packaging and the little lollie bag you guys put in. i did not expect it at all and i’ll definitely be buying from you guys again. tysm!




Great service.. bought a few from them now and the competition by far beefys delivers in record time and with exceptional quality




Beefys is fantastic, initially, a was a bit taken aback that I had to do a bank transfer but the comms and service was so good I will never hesitate again. You guys understand great customer service, rock on Beefys!




Oh yea,

And just in general.. I have ordered from you a few times before. You usually always throw in a few extras, for example when I got my first piece, you threw in an extra cone knowing the stock piece was not as nice... naturally a gesture like that, really does change my experience as a customer and all round positive feelings/feedback from it.

Never really have spoken to you before, but in terms of service, just wanted to generally say I appreciate it all! :)

Have a wonderful day/night.

All the best




First time buying on this site, made a purchase of over $200, everything came on time, in good condition, packaging was nicely done and secure. I even had a 2nd order going which I made with a few mistakes, which was swiftly taken care of with an email, so hats off to the staff for the quick and easy fix. Will definitely be buying from here again and also telling me mates about it

Ninh L



The best Online shopping experience ever!
Hi Guys, 
I just wanted to thank you  (The team)  so f***ing much for taking the time to individually bubble wrap every item!! not to mention how amazingly the entire order was packaged, i think you could probably drop it off a 2 story building and nothing would break!
and the GIFTS!! OMG! thank you soooooo much for all the goodies! i mean lollies are nice and are one thing, but the Glass CP's, Pre Rolls + more that's a whole nother level of customer satisfaction! 
Will without a doubt be the one and only place i shop for these products! And ill be spreading the word about how great Beefy's Bongs really are!
Honestly the best shopping/unboxing experience ever!
Cheers Isaac



Thank you so much to the team at beefy’s bongs again you guys are awesome!, very happy for deciding to shop with you and will be again, excellent customer service five stars.




Has been a pleasure doing business with these guys. Prompt packaging and sending of goods. Packed fantastically. Even a gift of lollies. Will definitely recommend.




Hey mate,

I received these items today.
I just wanted to say I ordered a bong related item from another company and it took almost 2 months to arrive and came out wrong.
When I was chasing this item I emailed 12 bong sellers 2 responded saying they don't have anything but you replied with what I needed.
The items arrived in great time and topped off with 1/2 dozen lollies. This type of service makes you guys great. Keep it up and if I need anything else I'll be coming back to you A+++ service.




5☆☆☆☆☆ store very well recommended friendly helpful staff ultra fast shipping plus 2 little gifts aswell was awesome definitely will be back everyone this is the best online store out thanks again beefy .



Hi folks. Brilliant service and product, 5star. You guys rock. ?




Thanks for the gift! It works a treat

Blazers be blazing!




Ordered Tuesday morning when I broke my cp. Smoking cones next afternoon thanks to beefy and express post. What an age we live in

Jack B



Just a shout out to says thanks for fast shipping, and fast service. Appreciate it.