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Pollen Press Australia

Does your grinder have a thick layer of pollen in the base? Speak to any smoker, and they’ll tell you they highly prize this pollen.

The potency of pollen makes it a sought-after addition to any blunt, bong rip, or vaporizing session. You get a concentrated effect that is simply out of this world.

However, that layer of loose pollen in your grinder or shake tub will go to waste if you don’t prepare it properly. A pollen press gives you the opportunity to press your pollen into solid pellets or discs, allowing for easy storage and use.

This heavy-duty device is worth the investment, especially if you have plenty of legal herbs going through your grinder each week.

Pressing the pollen into a pellet or disc helps you preserve the potency and flavour of the material. It also prevents the wind from blowing it away, and you won’t have to worry about accidentally dropping your pollen all over the floor.

Moulding your pollen into discs makes it easier to store and transport, reducing errors in handling and using the kief. There’s no more scrape out the grinder, only to have everything fall onto the living room rug when you transfer it to the bong.

At Beefy’s Bongs Australia, you’ll find a wide selection of top-shelf pollen presses available at various price points.

Our pollen presses are available in different sizes from multiple leading manufacturers. Pick out aluminium or stainless steel options, and you’ll have a press that lasts for a lifetime.

We carry a range of pollen presses in different sizes to suit your smoking needs. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect -pollen press to complement your smoking needs.

Don’t let that precious pollen go to waste. Order your pollen press from Beefy’s Bongs Australia today!