Collection: G-SPOT

Are you looking for world-class glass? G-Spot is one of the leading glassworks in the world, founded in 2000 in Wertheim, Germany. G-Spot craft handmade bongs and glass pieces, featuring design and construction with robust, durable borosilicate glass.

This brand offers you an outstanding glass experience, with over two decades of glassblowing giving the company a solid reputation. G-Spot utilises qualified, experienced, and talented glassblowers to create high-quality bongs and glass accessories with sturdy fittings, necks, and a rugged, durable design.


G-Spot Bongs FAQ

Where are G-Spot bongs made?

G-Spot Bongs are crafted in Wertheim, Germany. The Renowned Glass-making Town.

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All pieces feature construction with borosilicate glass tempered at 560°C to improve strength and remove stress in the material. G-Spot takes careful consideration of every piece it produces, running all its products through a stringent quality control process.

We like the firm, solid base of these glass pipes, ensuring you don’t accidentally knock it over. Even if you do knock it, the durable glass probably won’t break on minor impacts. G-Spot offers you dozens of pipe and bong designs to enjoy your legal herbs.

The design of G-Spot bongs is functional and aesthetically pleasing, with oversized mouthpieces and thick necks and joints on the fittings. Leave it to the Germans to over engineer a bong, and the result is the G-Spot range of glassware.

G-Spot offers you its “Solid Tank Joint” also known as “panzerschliff” in most of its bong designs, providing you with a nearly indestructible fitting. Constructed with precision grinding processes and layered with thick borosilicate glass, the joint absorbs the hardest impacts without damage. There’s even an online video of the team at G-Spot using the joint to hammer a nail into wood – that’s pretty impressive.

G-Spot offers smokers the advantages of beauty and strength in their range. Some top-tier models like the Dragon Ice Bong and the Aboriginal are world-class glass pieces and some of the best glass designs we’ve seen from manufacturers.