Collection: Showerhead Percolator Bongs

Do you want the smoothest smoking experience possible? Have you tried a percolator bong yet? With so many perc designs, you’re probably researching the difference between all of them. Percolators help to filter the smoke, passing it through the water. Showerhead percolators and UFO percolator bongs are classed in the same family of percs and are often referred to as either of these names.

Showerhead Percolator FAQ

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With traditional bongs, you’re ripping on the bowl, and the smoke only passes through the stem, bubbling in the water. With a perc, think of the perc as splitting into dozens of smaller pipes before reaching the water. As a result, you create a smaller, finer bubble.

So, how does that affect the smoking experience? Well, the finer bubbles filter the smoke better than a traditional bong while producing smaller, finer bubbles to refine the smoke and remove impurities. You get a smoother, cooler hit, with less gunk entering your lungs.

Percs may filter more than conventional bongs, but they maintain a huge cloud volume while improving the flavour and aroma of the smoke. You get to taste more of the terpenes in your favourite legal dry herbs.

So, what is the showerhead perc, and how does it differ from other models? The showerhead percolator system also goes by the “UFO,” “tire,” and many other names. The showerhead design was one of the first to emerge after the initial tree perc, and it’s one of the best-performing percs for smokers that like taking big rips.

The perc utilizes a tube pushing through the middle of the smoke chamber, covered by another tube reaching down to the perc head. Typically, the showerhead perc is a large, flat disc with between four to 100-slits, depending on the design.

Many other dual-design models have showerhead percs as the initial tier, followed by another perc for added filtration. Browse our range of showerhead perc bongs and pick out a model that suits your smoking style.