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Grinders may all look the same at first glance, but the details that lie beneath tell the truth. This separates a good grinder from the great ones. However, quality, unique and useful features, and a reputable company separate the great ones from SLX grinders. 

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SLX went through painstaking testing phases to achieve a grinder that will not let you waste your legal herbs. You can use it for grinding tobacco, as well as other legal herbs that can be vaporized or smoked such as mullein, white sage, mint, blue lotus, catnip, lavender and chamomile, among others. To show confidence in their products, they encourage consumers with complaints to contact them directly through the URL we put on the bottom of the grinders.

Their grinders are made using fused ceramic nano-particles that are certified by the Food and Drug Administration as safe for food contact. It features a coating that also does not chip, flake, or burn. Additionally, its exceptional non-stick capabilities come from a ceramic compound, without PTFE, Teflon, or any other carcinogenic chemicals. It’s also extremely durable so long as it’s used appropriately.

Their coating is made by a US coating company. Combine this with their machined parts that are manufactured to the highest standards in China. It is then applied by one of our licensed applicators in China.

With SLX’s exclusive patented coating, you get a grinder that is self-cleaning and only requires minimal maintenance. But like any product, you have to watch out for things that might stop it from performing in its best condition.

SLX Grinders Australia

Are you looking for a better way to grind your favourite legal herbs? You need an SLX grinder in your life. This must-have tool is essential for every smoker, allowing you to crush your herbs into fluffy smokables in seconds.

So, why choose an SLX grinder? What’s wrong with your old grinder? Chances are you’re using a plastic or an old aluminium model, right? While they do the job of grinding up herbs, they might not be the best tool for cutting up something you plan on smoking.

Plastic and low-grade aluminium grinders feature tines that wear away fragments of aluminium or plastic from the opposing grinding surface. As a result, these tiny shards end up in your joint or bong, and you’ll smoke them along with your herbs.

Choosing an SLX grinder gives you a product you can trust with the grinding of your herbs. These grinders feature design and construction with aircraft-grade aluminium and a special coating on both grinding surfaces.

The SLX coating provides a friction-free surface, Allowing for smooth grinding and less build-up of herb on the grinder teeth and the edges of the grinding chamber. The razor-sharp teeth on the grinding faces cut through your flower, fluffing it up to a perfect consistency for joints or bowls.

The proprietary ceramic coating features industrial-level resilience against corrosion or heat, and it won’t chip, even after years of use. There are no Teflon or PTFE materials used in the development of the SLX coating, making it a safe but effective grinder for your herbal requirements.

The SLX grinder coating comes with 100% FDA approval. You get precision CNC machined design, offering you exceptional strength, long service life, and the perfect grind with only a few turns. Give the SLX a try, and experience a better way to grind your flower.

SLX Grinder FAQ

How do you clean an SLX grinder?

After each use lightly tap the grinder on a sturdy surface to prevent any build up. Quick tip; place a piece of paper under the grinder when you perform this stem so you can collect all the debris that comes out of the grinder.

You can use a grinder brush to brush away any further build-up of legal herbs that are collecting on the grinder teeth. Also remember to keep the outer lips of the grinder clean to maintain optimal operation.

To clean the exterior of the grinder, use a soft cloth and if required use a mild soap and water.

Just remember to never use any metal tool to scrape your grinder. This endangers your grinder’s coating to get dislodged. Even if the coating is non-toxic and won’t burn, this prevents your device from functioning as intended.

Using an herb grinder unquestionably improves your experience no matter what style you prefer when smoking or vaping. One right choice can set you for life. And with SLX, you are secured with a grinder that would perform best for your daily grind. 

Why Choose SLX?

SLX products are designed to cater to the refined and discerning smoker who appreciates modernity and sophistication. They are not only sleek and durable but also built to withstand the test of time. Unlike other herb grinders and rolling trays, our SLX products have a non-stick coating applied at the molecular level, ensuring that they remain in pristine condition for longer periods.

Experience the convenience of an herb grinder that is so slick, it doesn't stick. Every atom of resin is preserved, giving you the most out of your smoking experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of struggling with your grinder and embrace the ease of use that our product offers. It elevates the entire smoking ritual, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the joy of sharing your herb with others.