Collection: EHLE Bongs

EHLE is a quality, affordable 100% German made glassware. Made from Schott borosilicate glass with precision joints, handcrafted by Thomas Ehle and his team in Germany. So add a bit of class to your collection, you will be surely impressed and delighted by this stunning range. Treasured by smokers worldwide.

All of our EHLE products are guaranteed to be 100% authentic and a sourced directly from EHLE in Germany.



Where are EHLE glass bongs made?

EHLE glass bongs are made in Germany. You can always get the best quality as each piece of EHLE glass bongs is produced on their own premises instead of outsourced to other manufacturers.

When did EHLE glass start?

EHLE glass was originally inspired by the company “Günther Ehle Glasinstrumenten-fabrik” founded by Thomas Ehle’s father. Thomas Ehle started EHLE glass in 1988 by introducing the first series of high-quality EHLE waterpipes.

Who owns EHLE glass?

Thomas Ehle owns EHLE glass.

Why buy EHLE glass bongs?

EHLE glass bongs feature their distinctive products by utilising advanced manufacturing technology. Each product is made in Germany to ensure the quality and exceed your expectation. All EHLE glass bongs are produced with high-grade borosilicate glass which complies with the international standard DIN – ISO 3585. This particular material has specific resistance for heat and mechanical load capacity. Each piece is carefully tempered and quality-checked with a signature as guarantee.

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Are you a bong smoker on a budget? The EHLE bong brand offers you some exquisite German made glass to add to your collection. With a legacy extending back over 70-years, EHLE first started manufacturing glass in 1950.

In 1988, Thomas Ehle decided to extend his fathers line of work, including glass water pipes into the company's range. After a few decades, pipes and accessories are the company's sole focus, a global reputation as some of the best bongs available.

Every EHLE bong comes designed and manufactured in Germany. So, you know you're getting a high-quality glass piece when you purchase any pipe. All EHLE products feature design and construction with premium borosilicate glass, meeting DIN– ISO 3585. International quality standards.

The result is a top-quality waterpipe with excellent heat resistance and strength. EHLE carefully tempers each glass piece before delivery to ensure optimal strength and resilience in the material. The computer-controlled tempering process offers an exceptionally sturdy finish, with durability, elegance, and luxury diving deep under the surface appearance.

Every EHLE glass piece comes with precision joints for a snug, seamless fit that will never leak air. Every joint piece constructed by EHLE also offers the same accuracy with fitment, even after several years of use.

EHLE's classic straight cylinder bongs come in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 2000ml, sizes, with the Eliminator Model being the company's flagship. The E.MOTION line is another excellent option, with elegant curved lines, with designs that capture emotion in the glass.

Every EHLE bong comes standard with a non-diffused down stem and removable bowl/cone. As a result, you don't need to worry about a carb hole. EHLE also offers smokers premium-grade accessories such as matching diffusers, pre-coolers, or turbo bowls.

These niche boings are available in limited quantities, and we also recommend checking out the clear steamroller pipes for a portable dry option.