What Length Stem Do I Need?

Regrettably, we are unable to provide you with a magic answer regarding the size or length of the stem you need. However, we have a helpful article that can assist you in determining the appropriate length for a 14mm glass downstem. To measure your bong accurately, please refer to the link provided below. Our method does not need a stem to measure your bong.


14mm Glass Stem FAQ

Does the Downstem touch the water?

Yes, the end of your glass downstem should be submerged in the water and if your glass stem has slits or percolator holes than these should also be submerged in the water to give you the maximum filtration and diffusion effects of the stem. The amount of submersion or water is a personal choice and everyone is different.

Are all bong stems the same size?

No, there are many different sizes of glass bong stems. There are different ground joints sizes; this is where the stem, bong and accessories fit together. There are also many different lengths of stems available and you will need to measure your bong so you end up with the correct size and length required. There are many factors that affect the stem length required, the main one is the angle of the ground joint on your waterpipe, a steeper angle will require a shorter length to stop the stem from hitting the bottom of the bong. If the stem hits the bottom of the bong it will stop the glass joints from performing a seal and will hinder the performance of your bong.

Collection: 14mm Glass Stems

14mm glass bong downstems effectively have two of the same sized joints, although one is a 14 mm male and this is the part that is inserted in to the water pipe and the other is a 14mm female and this is where your accessories such as a cone / bowl or ash-catcher etc. are inserted. 14mm, 14.5mm and SG14 are all the same size and can be referred to by any of these names.