Collection: Budget Bongs

We carry a full range of glass and silicone bongs to suit any budget and smoking requirements you may have. We also have all the accessories you need, and you can keep your new investment sparkling clean with our range of bong cleaners.

Do you want an affordable and pleasurable smoking experience? Choose one of our budget bongs for your next smoking session. If you’re new to smoking legal herbs, the bong offers you a completely different smoking method to puffing on a joint or blunt. The bong is like a hurricane of smoke entering deep into your lungs.

When you exhale, you’ll get huge clouds with deep, rich smoke. It takes time to master ripping on the bong. Learning how to take monster rips is a whole lot of fun, and it’s a great way to avoid the messy smoking experience of joints and blunts.

Our range of budget bongs has something for everyone, from the seasoned ripper to the first-time user. You get bongs in various sizes, from small novelty models to foot-long chambers for the pros. Bongs come in all shapes and sizes, featuring hand grips for easy and secure ripping or the classic straight-line design for purists.

Check out the coloured blown glass models and the range of percolators, different hitters, and pipe angles. Whatever you’re bonging needs, we have you covered. Bongs also make great gift ideas for friends. Match the design and colours of the bong to their personality, and watch them enjoy their first rip out of their new bowl.

The best feature of our cheap bong range is the affordable pricing. We have some simply super display pieces at crazy prices that will make you smile. So pick out a few glass pieces and rotate them through the week to get more out of your smoking experience.

Budget Bongs FAQ

How much is a cheap bong?

Cheap bongs start at under $20 for a small basic glass bong.

Are cheap bongs good?

Generally cheap bongs tend to be smaller and made from thinner glass and come with less features such as percolators or diffused downstems.

What is the cheapest bong?

The cheapest glass bong we currently stock is the MWP Bubble Bonza that is priced at only $18.90.