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Is a favourite, affordable quality borosilicate (Pyrex) glassware. Their stunning bongs are made of 5mm or thicker glass. Which come with or without ice notches and include a range of features such as spiral and UFO percolators.

The diverse range includes beaker bases, straight cylinder tubes and a range of cooling and filtration options built in.

Blaze has a range of 'Mix & Match' modular range which allows you to create your own master-piece at a reasonable price, this system gives you the option to select everything just how you like it from the base style to the height you would like your piece to be. The blaze range includes a number of different add on accessories including pre coolers, lighters, down pipes, diffuser down stems and bowls. A must have in any collection.

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If you want the best smoking experience, you need to go with precision German designs in your glass. Blaze Glass do it right. This German company manufactures one of the most impressive glass collections available.

While we tend to think that German products must be expensive, that’s no the case with Blaze Glass. This company offers you world-class glass at an affordable price. Every Blaze Glass bong comes with a high-quality design and construction featuring stress-free 5mm 3.1 borosilicate glass.

Blaze Glass originates from Asia, where talented glass blowers handcraft each piece. The company produces in Asia, conducting final quality checks on all components before shipping them out from its German warehouses.

With a 20-year legacy of producing eye-catching bongs with artistic design, Blaze Glass is a premium brand every connoisseur needs on their shelf at home.

What sets Blaze Glass apart from other premium glass brands is its modular mix-and-match setup. The company produces a collection of glass pieces that fit together in various configurations. Choose different parts for your base, neck, and down stem, creating a design that suits your smoking needs.

Create your custom setup with the Mix and Match series from Blaze Glass. You get two options for starting your bong build, with beaker-style or straight bases featuring options for inner perc or bare designs. You also have options for selecting your mouthpiece, tube, and herb slide, configuring it to your specific needs.

Blaze Glass has an outstanding range of prefabricated kits for those smokers who don’t want the hassle of mixing and matching their bong design. Each piece from Blaze connects perfectly with its counterpart for a seamless fit and outstanding smoking experience.

The mix and match kits are somewhat pricey compared to the other options. However, you’re getting premium design and construction, beautiful materials, and a professional fitment and finish with every glass piece you order.

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If you’re searching around for options on some new glass for your collection, Blaze is a brand worth considering for your shortlist. Blaze Glass is a premium glassworks brand offering you a comprehensive range of traditional and custom designs. Blaze has a reputation for producing some of the most outstanding value for money deals from an imported glass brand.

Every Blaze Glass piece features design and construction with durable borosilicate lab glass, providing a good weight and feel to the glass that’s more impact resistant and heat resistant than other forms of glass.

The craftsmanship from the Blaze team is world-class, with precision glassblowing techniques and expert finishes. Along with Black Leaf, Blaze Glass offers you some of the best entry-level pieces available. We carry a comprehensive range of top-selling models from Blaze Glassworks, bringing the best of what they have to offer to the Australian market.

Blaze Glass utilizes innovative design and percolator technology, producing models with amazing honeycomb percs. They also offer recycler bongs, and there are plenty of options for affordable dab rigs as well. Every smoker needs a reliable, durable bong offering them high performance.

Blaze Glass also offers you a range of accessories and diffuser downstem options. There’s a Blaze Glass model to suit any smoking style, with lift-off bowls, carb holes, or both options included on models. The artistic work of the glass is great, with ice catchers and the use of colour creating an impressive, eye-catching visual effect for the piece.

A bong from Blaze Glass is an investment in your smoking or vaping experience. We invite you to browse our range of Blaze Glass and pick out a model for your smoking style. We’re confident in saying that we have a Blaze Glass piece that will satisfy your bonging or vaping needs.