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Piece Water

Piece Water Solution 355ml

Piece Water Solution 355ml

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Piece Water Solution 355ml


Piece Water Solution is a 100% natural and non-toxic proprietary blend of mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts covering the glass walls to prevent resin build-up and eliminate odour. Unlike the ordinary tap water, the ingredients of Piece Water Solution create natural smoke traps. The active molecule-to-molecule interactions make the solution sticky to trap the particles in the liquid instead of attaching to the glass as well as prevent the formation of resin build up. It also works as a filter of particles to provide smoother and cleaner hits.

How to use Piece Water Solution

Simply add Piece Water Solution into a clean bong or water pipe, it can keep your bong clean while smoking. Lean you water pipe to each side to ensure you get a better coverage. When you are ready to change the water, just rinse your pipe with tap water and it will be clean.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Piece Water
  • Size: 350ml (12 Oz)
  • Manufactured: USA


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