Collection: RooR Glass Bongs

As you looking for the ultimate glass experience? RooR offers you a range of artistic, functional, and aesthetic glass pieces for your collection. An investment into a RooR piece is essential for any serious enthusiast, providing you with the best dabbing or smoking experience possible.

Every RooR glass piece comes with design and manufacture in Germany. You can expect world-class finishes from German precision glass blowing and shaping when you hold a RooR piece in your hands. The name “RooR” came about while reading a book Martin Birzle came across the title of the book “The Biology of Microorganisms” and he noticed the sound you make while saying microorganisms and liked how it sounded and so the word ROOR was born. This brand produces some of the finest glass pieces in the industry, with bongs coming in straight and beaker designs.


RooR Glass FAQ

Is Beefy's Bongs an Authorised RooR dealer?

Yes, Beefy's Bongs are an authorised RooR Germany Dealer. All RooR products are sourced directly from RooR Germany.

Any other Australian company claiming they are the only “authorized” ROOR dealer in Australia are blatantly lying as a marketing tactic!

Where are roor bongs made?

The original ROOR glass bongs are made in Frankenthal , Germany.
There is also an American division of ROOR that are made in California and are known for the ROOR Tech range of glass bongs, the Tech series contain percolators compared to the traditional German made range which do not contain any percolators besides the option of a diffused downstem.

Is RooR made in China?

Absolutely NOT, ROOR glass is made in Frankenthal , Germany.

Who started ROOR glass?

Martin Birzle started ROOR in 1995 and was the first person to add scientific glass joints to bongs which started the revolutuion of scientific glass bongs.

Where does the name ROOR come from?

While reading a book Martin Birzle came across the title of the book “The Biology of Microorganisms” and he noticed the sound you make while saying microorganisms and liked how it sounded and so the word ROOR was born.
You can hear Martin discussing this on a YouTube video here around the 6 minute mark.

Read more about RooR Glass Bongs...

RooR uses genuine German Schott glass for all its pieces, providing a strong and durable pipe lasting a lifetime with the right care. What’s different about RooR is that the company founder, Martin Birzle, decided against mass manufacturing of the company’s products.

Instead, Birzle demanded that RooR handcraft each glass piece with precision quality control that’s only available through a tedious handmade process. RooR manufactures an impressive range of straight and beaker bongs, and they also make functional accessories like ashtrays and rolling trays for enthusiasts around the globe.

The companies customised and handcrafted approach garnered the attention of many cultural icons, such as rapper B-Real from the hip hop group Cypress Hill. B-Real collaborated with RooR to produce his signature line of “Phunky Feel Tips,” including the “Big Baller” line.

If you’re looking for a top-shelf glass smoking experience, we recommend RooR as the best you can get. The attention to detail in the design of every piece coming out of the factory is nothing short of breathtaking.

When you hold a RooR glass piece in your hands, at first, you don’t know whether to hit it or just admire its glory. It’s no wonder that RooR is a four-time High Times Cup Winner.