Dry Ash Catchers FAQ

What is a dry ash catcher?

Dry ash catchers are a device that simply traps the majority of the ash before it enters the bong and this will keep your bong and water cleaner for longer. Dry ash catchers are not actually dry, you place water in them and this is where the ash will get caught instead of entering your bong. Dry ash catchers do not add any extra diffusion to the smoke although the major upside to using them is they do not add any extra draw resistance to your bong so they will not affect the function of your percolators. They are called dry ash catchers as the smoke never passes through the water.

Should I put water in a dry ash catcher?

Yes, typically dry ash catchers have a small amount of water to the main body and this is what will stop the ash from entering your bong. The water level will depend on the model of dry ash catcher you are using and is something you will be able to determine after a few uses of your new ash catcher.

How do you clean a dry ash catcher?

Cleaning a dry ash catcher is the same as any other glass smoking accessory; you can either use a bong cleaning solution or an agent such as isopropyl alcohol. The benefit of using the dry ash catcher is your main bong will stay cleaner for longer and the ash catcher can easily be removed for a quick rinse or a deep clean.

Are dry ash catchers better?

Keeping a dry ash catcher is effortless and straightforward, leading to a more enjoyable smoking experience with a cleaner flavor. On the other hand, a wet ash catcher provides better filtration, cooler hits, and a visually appealing look, but it requires regular cleaning and the use of water.

Collection: Dry Ash Catchers

Dry ash catchers lack an extra filtration layer, yet they do enhance the smoking experience by providing a smoother draw. Conversely, diffused ash catchers offer an added level of filtration, which proves advantageous if your current bong or bubbler is excessively harsh or if you prefer lengthier and smoother inhalations.

Dry Catchers are positioned between your the ground glass joint on your and cone piece / bowl, and they can retain water, although their main purpose is to filter out ash without introducing any additional functionality to your setup. If you enjoy the way your Waterpipe hits but wish to reduce the frequency of cleaning, a Dry Catcher offers an ideal solution.