Collection: 14mm Ash Catchers

Here you will find our current range of 14mm glass Ash Catchers, pre-coolers and dry ash catchers.

Are you looking for the best ash catcher or to simply buy a new 14mm ash catcher? If so you have come to the right place. We stock a range of budget ash catchers from brands such Black Leaf and Blaze Glass. The vast majority of 14mm ash catchers have a male 45 degree joint where they attach to your bong. We stock a range of ash catchers that are suitable for beaker bongs and straight tubes alike, we also stock a range dry ash catchers. 

14mm Ash Catchers FAQ

How do I know what Ash catcher to get?

When choosing an ash catcher you will first need to determine what size glass joint you need to be able to fit your bong or downstem. The second deciding factor is what joint angle you will require, the vast majority of bongs and beaker bongs require a 45 degree ash catcher, the second option is a 90 degree ash catcher that is typically used on bongs with a fixed downstem, this style of bong is also referred to as stemless.

If you need help determining what size ash catcher you require, you can view our “Glass Grinding Sizes Guide” here.