How To Measure Downstems?

To ensure you choose the appropriate length stem, we recommend referring to our "Downstem Measuring Guide" available through the link provided below. This comprehensive guide will assist you in accurately measuring your bong, enabling you to confidently order the correct length replacement 18mm glass downstem.

Stem Measuring Guide

18mm Glass Stem FAQ

How do I choose a Downstem?

There are a few factors to take in to consideration when choosing a new glass bong downstem.

Size: Firstly you need to determine the correct size that you require; this is referring to the size of the ground glass joint. If you need help in determining the correct size joint you require please refer to our "Glass Grinding Sizes Guidehere.

Length: The length of the stem is equally as important and must be chosen correctly, if a stem too long is selected it will hit the bottom of the bong and the ground joints will not be able to create a seal and this will greatly affect the function of your waterpipe. If a stem that is too short is chosen it may not be long enough to reach the water and you will be forced to overfill the bang and this will affect the form and function of its design.

Style: The last thing is choosing what design function you would like the stem to have. There are multiple choices here, you can go for the traditional standard stem with only a single open hole on the end of the stem which will provide the least amount of diffusion. The most popular choice is the six slit diffused stems as they provide a decent amount of diffusion while still being simple to maintain. There is then the more exotic choices such as the 21 hole and multiple arm stems that produce the most diffusion and thus providing the most pleasant experience.

How do I know if my bong is 18mm or 14mm?

If you are not familiar with the standard ground glass joints, you can simply measure them to determine what size you have or require. You can learn about how to measure and determine the sizes in our "Glass Grinding Sizes Guidehere.

Collection: 18mm Glass Stems

18mm glass bong downstems effectively have two of the same sized joints, although one is a 18 mm male and this is the part that is inserted in to the water pipe and the other is a 18mm female and this is where your accessories such as a cone piece or ash-catcher etc. are inserted. 18mm, 18.8mm SG18 and SG19 are all the same size and can be referred to by any of these names.