Collection: Mav Glass

With a reputation extending across two decades, Mav Glass has a range of exceptional waterpipes. If you're looking for a bong or dab rig, Mav has something for you in its line-up. The company produces nothing but the finest quality glass pieces, using thick, Borosilicate Glass for all its designs.

If you're looking for precision-engineered pieces, Mavs has the quality you need for your next smoking or vaping session. The brand carries one of the widest design ranges available online, with classic straight and beaker designs, as well as an elegant and stylish use of colour.

Mav (Maverick) Glass bongs and dab rigs feature straight-up downstems for the die-hard enthusiast and plenty of diffusers and percolators. From honeycombs to showers, there are plenty of ways to smooth out your smoke with Mav.

We have to say that Mav has one of the best recyclers in the industry. You get an innovative design with an aesthetic appeal and a range of functionality.

Our top pick is the double-barrel chamber recycler. This recycler features a classic recycler design with optimal filtration functionality.

The 7" MAV Klein Recycler Dab Rig is another top-quality choice for all those dab enthusiasts out there. With advanced filtration, a functional design, and an elegant splash of colour, this next-gen dab rig is something you'll want to keep as a showpiece.

The double-arm and microscope recycler options are examples of innovative but functional design, and the inline showerhead pipe offers you next-level filtration when smoking your favourite legal herbs.

Mav also brings you a collection of hand pipes in various designs. The hand pipes are stylish and functional, from the Slyme Gandalf model to the Sherlock. Pick something to suit your smoking style, and choose Mav for your next bong, dab rig, or hand pipe. You'll find the Mav model you're looking for at Beefy's Bongs Australia.